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Dabangii 28th December 2023 Written Update: Ankita gives a chance to Arya

Dabangii 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Satya telling Ankita that she doesn’t know what Arya did, so she might support her now. Satya mentions that he won’t give Arya a chance, but if Ankita wants to give her a chance, she needs to take responsibility if Arya makes another mistake. Ankita asks Ankush if he can assure her that he can change Arya. Ankush promises Ankita that Arya will change. Ankita agrees to give Arya a chance and asks the juvenile detention staff to leave. Later, Ankita announces that the winner of the competition will have the opportunity to meet the prime minister.

Jaanrao tells Satya that their main target is not Arya, but the MLA seat. Satya asks Jaanrao to be quiet and says that Arya will be sold with the rest of the consignment.

Kasturi questions Satya about Ankita’s rude behavior towards her. Satya tells Kasturi to prepare Tanmay for the contest and says he wants to see Tanmay and himself boarding with the prime minister. He warns that if Tanmay doesn’t win the competition, Kasturi and Tanmay might have to leave the house.

Eklavya asks Arya if she will participate in the competition. Arya states that she will neither participate nor win.

Ajubaba asks Ankush if he thinks Arya will be able to win the competition. Ankush tells Arya that this is also a test for himself.

Ankush asks Arya if she will participate in the competition. Arya agrees, but later tells Eklavya that Ankush should not know their plan for it to succeed.

Bela and Naina discuss what happened. Sai complains to Bela about Ankush training Arya for the competition. Bela assures Sai that she will train her for the competition.

At the competition, Ankush informs Arya that today is just a practice race and she can participate normally. Sai confidently tells Arya that she will beat her even in the practice race.

Ankita begins the announcement of the practice race. During the race, Arya pretends to fall asleep on the ground. Ankush confronts Arya and realizes she is just acting. Ankita later tells Ankush that this event is important to both of them as she went against Satya for her.

Kasturi is delighted that Arya gave up the race. Bela realizes she needs to focus on Sai winning this competition for her self-respect.

Kasturi tells Tanmay that he must win the competition no matter what. However, Tanmay falls during the race and screams in pain.

Eklavya also cries out in pain. Arya comforts Eklavya and helps him participate in the race.

After the race, Arya prays to God that she will not be able to participate. Ajubaba complains to Ankush about Arya not participating in the contest.

Ankush says there is a way to make Arya participate, but he needs his help.

The episode ends.

Precap: Ankush punishes his father for spoiling Arya and says he won’t eat until Arya participates in the race. Arya becomes worried after hearing this.

Satya talks to someone on the phone and says that Arya will go with the consignment.


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