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Doree 28th December 2023 Written Update: Doree’s shocking revelation

Doree 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ganga Prasad expressing his disapproval of Kailash Devi calling Doree to train his daughter. He questions her authority to give him orders, stating that he expected her to teach something valuable to his daughter. However, Kailash Devi defends herself, saying that Doree demanded to clean her house. Vansh informs Ganga Prasad that Doree is not at home and suggests that she might have run away. Ganga Prasad insists that she is not a coward and calls out her name. Kailash Devi reminds him that Doree is not his biological daughter, but Ganga Prasad’s emotional reaction continues. He compares her situation to Yasodha not being Krishna’s biological mother but still loving him. Ganga Prasad then expresses his love for Doree, acknowledging that he didn’t give birth to her but understands her pain.

Meanwhile, Neelu brings a mat and informs Ganga Prasad that she has completed her work. He appreciates her qualities, but Neelu questions if he dislikes her. Ganga Prasad reveals his plan to kill Doree, claiming that she is his daughter. Neelu reminds him that Doree shares his blood and questions his love for her. Ganga Prasad responds by saying that he wishes Doree had been born as a boy in her next life.

Later, Anand opens the mat and discovers that Doree is not inside. He confronts Neelu, choking her and demanding to know Doree’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Doree struggles to breathe inside the mat, praying to God for help. She manages to shout for help, catching Ganga Prasad’s attention. He pleads with Kailash Devi to bring back his daughter, but she dismisses his concerns and suggests that Doree might be inside the house. Ganga Prasad refuses to leave until she is found.

Doree continues to struggle for air, praying for a miracle. A rat appears and bites the rope, releasing Doree from her confinement. Anand scolds Neelu for her mistake, realizing that she brought the wrong mat. He guesses that Doree might be in the store room.

Confused about how she ended up in the room, Doree notices a familiar pain in her hand. She explores the room and finds her stolen bracelet in a trunk. She also discovers drawings of a mother and daughter, wondering who they belong to. Vansh finds her hiding in the room and scolds her for creating a scene in the house. Doree rushes to Ganga Prasad and hugs him, frustrating Anand and Neelu. Vansh accuses Doree of stealing something from Mansi’s room and suggests punishing her. Ganga Prasad worries about Doree’s well-being, while Kailash Devi scolds her for hiding in the room. Doree defends herself, claiming that her birth parents gave her the bracelet and she saw it in this house before it was stolen. She also mentions finding a girl’s dress and drawings in the trunk. Anand worries about his secret being exposed and shouts at Doree. Kailash Devi instructs her servant to kick them out of the house. Determined to prove her innocence, Doree decides to find evidence and runs off, leaving behind a worried Kailash Devi and a cautious Anand.

The episode ends with a preview of Mansi discovering the truth.


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