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Udaariyaan 28th December 2023 Written Update: Ekam reaches the hotel with his team and bomb squad.

Udaariyaan 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a tense situation as the terrorists take control and order everyone to keep their hands behind their backs and remain still. Raja immediately thinks of informing Armaan and Alia about the situation. Meanwhile, Ekam arrives at the hotel and calls Aasman, who informs him that they are still hiding in the bathroom. Ekam advises her to stay put. Despite Aasman’s warning, a woman with a bomb in the bathroom decides to come out and save her husband and child. The terrorists then show the guests the bomb and threaten to kill everyone if anyone tries to act smart.

Amidst the chaos, Alia and Armaan continue their intimate moment. Aasman manages to come out of hiding and spots Raja hiding behind a pillar alone. She wonders where Armaan and Alia are. When one of the guests tries to escape, a terrorist shoots him in the leg. Aasman reaches Raja and asks about Armaan and Alia. She instructs Raja to find Armaan and ask him to call Sukhi. Raja goes inside the hotel to look for him. While Aasman is on the phone with Ekam, one of the terrorists grabs her. They threaten Ekam to arrange a helicopter or else they will kill everyone. Aasman manages to grab her phone and sees a photo sent by Ekam, realizing that the woman she found earlier is one of the terrorists. Aasman makes a video call to Ekam to show him the situation.

Aasman finds a fork and uses it to hold the woman with the bomb hostage. She threatens to harm the woman if they don’t arrange the helicopter. Raja finally finds Armaan’s room, where he sees Alia sitting on the ground, crying, and Armaan lying half-naked on the bed. The woman with the bomb reveals to Aasman that she has a different motive and warns her to stay away. Aasman is then taken hostage by the woman. The woman demands the helicopter or else they will kill Aasman.

Raja enters the room and asks Alia what’s wrong. Alia apologizes to Raja and hugs him. Raja, filled with anger, climbs onto the bed and tries to strangle Armaan. Aasman manages to push away the woman and disarm the terrorist. The other guests join in and start beating the male terrorists. Aasman questions the woman about her motive. The terrorists release smoke in the hall and escape from the hotel, leaving behind a warning that they will meet again.

Ekam and his team arrive, and upon checking the bomb, they discover that it is fake. Ekam informs Aasman that there is still danger looming over them and alerts his team. He questions Armaan about his actions towards Alia. Raja continues to attack Armaan, vowing to expose him to everyone. However, Alia intervenes and pleads with Raja not to reveal anything, as she fears people will blame her. Aasman enters Armaan’s room and finds him lying unconscious on the ground with things scattered around.

In the pre-cap, Alia is seen manipulating Raja, pushing him towards the decision of committing suicide.


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