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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 29th December 2023 Written Update: Suraj lashes out at Ambica

Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti hoti hai 29th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The latest episode begins with the Rajgaur family expressing their concern for Suraj. Suraj is shown undergoing an operation, and Pavin tries to comfort Ambica. Shakuntala and Aarthi arrive at the hospital, with Shakuntala pretending to cry. She stops Jinal from approaching Ansh and Aarthi. The doctor comes out and informs everyone that Suraj is currently out of danger, but he won’t be able to consume any food orally for the next four days. The doctor mentions that Ambica can visit Suraj once he regains consciousness and then leaves. Overwhelmed with worry, Ambica collapses on a bench while Kesar cries silently.

Jugni calls Kabir and asks him if he has told Ambica the truth about Suraj. Kabir explains that it’s not the right time to reveal the truth as Suraj is recovering from an accident.

Ambica pleads with the Goddess not to take Suraj away from her. Kesar tries to console Ambica, who declares that she won’t drink water until Suraj does.

Darshan inquires when Suraj will return home, to which Leela assures him that Suraj will be back soon.

Fortunately, Suraj regains consciousness, and the nurse delivers the good news to Ambica. Suraj looks at Ambica and recalls Hetal’s words. He questions Ambica about why she didn’t inform him about the failed car brakes. Ambica explains that she tried to warn him, but he was in a rush and couldn’t hear her. Suraj emphasizes that Ambica warned Kesar but not him.

Kesar overhears Suraj and Ambica’s conversation and feels hurt. She blames herself for Ambica being accused of favoritism and confides in Kabir about her feelings.

Ambica tells Suraj that he has already judged her as a criminal, so any explanations she offers will be futile. She promises to clear all his misunderstandings once he returns home and walks away.

Ambica asks Kesar to go to Suraj, and later requests Kabir to forget about digging into Suraj’s past. She believes that although Suraj may have made mistakes in his childhood, they should not define his future. Ambica just wants to see Suraj happy.

Kesar goes to Ambica and sends Kabir to fetch medicine for Suraj. She then comforts Ambica and reveals that Suraj had proposed to her. Ambica feels relieved upon hearing this news and asks Suraj to never repeat such actions.

And that’s how the episode ends.


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