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Suhaagan 28th December 2023 Written Update: Baldev disappointed with Krishna

Suhaagan 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode of Suhaagan begins with Bindiya realizing that Dadi’s story mirrors her own. She starts reading Dadi’s diary and imagines the situations described in it. In her imagination, Bindiya sees herself as Durga, Manohar as Krishna, and Kaveri as Payal. Durga confronts Kaveri about her affair with her husband and asks her to leave the house. However, Manohar insists that Kaveri should stay. Bindiya snaps out of her imagination when she hears Baldev’s voice and rushes outside.

Krishna is arguing with his father about sending Payal away from the house. Bindiya notices Payal intentionally holding Krishna’s hand to provoke her. Krishna defends Payal and tells Baldev that Dadi has mistaken someone else for Kaveri. He insists that Payal should be allowed to stay in the house. Bindiya imagines Dada saying the same thing to her. Indu scolds Krishna for making decisions on his own.

Indu asks Payal why she can’t stay in the house. Krishna replies that Payal doesn’t need to stay there. Bindiya believes that Payal should stay and explains that Dadi gets upset whenever she sees Payal. Krishna accuses Bindiya of overreacting and not understanding the situation. Bindiya requests Krishna not to bring her in front of Dadi and reminds him that he loves Dadi. She also tells him that he doesn’t know the truth. Baldev signals Bindiya not to reveal the truth and asks her to take care of their mother.

Baldev confronts Krishna and leaves. Indu expresses her disappointment in Krishna and tells him that she always supported him, but now she thinks he is wrong. Baldev complains to Indu about Krishna, and Krishna tells Baldev that he doesn’t deserve his trust. Indu tells Krishna that his behavior is unacceptable, and Baldev advises him. Krishna defends himself, saying he cares for Dadi and is not selfish. He also argues that Payal is innocent and doesn’t deserve to be punished. Baldev asserts that Payal doesn’t deserve their love. Indu scolds Krishna for arguing with his father and demands that he not bring Payal in front of Dadi.

Meanwhile, Bindiya is talking to Dadi and expressing her concerns about her. She starts reading Dadi’s diary.

In Durga’s story, she discovers her husband’s affair with Kaveri and kicks her out of the house. Manohar decides to leave with Kaveri, claiming that he loves her deeply. Bindiya relates to Durga’s pain and understands what she is going through.

On the other hand, Payal asks Krishna to drop her off at Nikku’s house as she feels she has no rights in their house. Krishna tries to console her, but she emotionally manipulates him. Krishna assures her that Dadi is not angry with her and promises to prove it to the family members. Payal realizes that Dadi mistakenly believes she is Kaveri and that she cannot make Krishna understand the truth. Bindiya notices that Dadi didn’t finish writing in her diary.

The episode ends.

Krishna supports Bindiya.


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