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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 28th December 2023 Written Update: Heer goes in shock

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 28th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The latest episode of “Ikk Kudi Punjab Di” begins with devastating news as the doctor informs both families that Kuldeep has passed away. This news shocks and deeply hurts everyone. Rajwinder, unable to accept this reality, lashes out at the doctor. Heer, on the other hand, is left speechless. Rajwinder talks to Kuldeep, believing he is just sleeping, and decides to sleep beside him. The doctor closes Kuldeep’s eyes, confirming his demise. Jarnail, overwhelmed with guilt, resorts to self-harm.

Heer returns to her room, only to find the walls adorned with pictures of Kuldeep. Memories of their time together flood her mind, and she sits there, lost in her thoughts, unable to cry. Jasmin comes to offer emotional support, but Heer remains unchanged.

Navjot also arrives and Jasmin pleads with her to say that all of this is untrue. She clings onto Heer, crying. Meanwhile, preparations are made for Kuldeep’s final farewell and last rites. Teji urges Rajwinder to have some water, as she hasn’t consumed a drop since the previous day. Rajwinder responds by saying that she will only drink if Kuldeep wakes up and offers it to her. Jarnail, haunted by his actions, breaks down even more. Navjot removes Heer’s red bangles and hands her a white outfit.

Rajwinder declares that she will never pray to God again, blaming Him for being unjust. She vows to seek a painful death for whoever is responsible for Kuldeep’s murder. She proclaims this in front of everyone, considering them all witnesses to her promise. The police arrive to investigate Kuldeep’s death, expressing their condolences but stating that they need to inquire about the circumstances. Teji requests them to postpone the investigation, as no one is currently in a state to answer questions. The police agree and depart. Heer descends the stairs, dressed in white, and Beant can’t help but cry at her condition. He expresses that he would rather die than witness her pain. Ranjha encourages and supports him.

Teji’s mother taunts Heer, accusing her of causing her husband’s death after marriage and labeling her as inauspicious. She urges Heer to leave the Atwal house instead of staying there. Teji defends Heer, highlighting that the girl being taunted has just lost her husband on the same day of their marriage. She questions how Heer could harm anyone, considering the severe trauma she is going through. Teji’s mother argues that if Heer were truly in pain, tears would be streaming down her face. Teji explains that Heer is still in shock, which is why she hasn’t shed any tears.

Teji asserts that Heer hasn’t fully regained her senses and suggests that they need to make her cry in order to help her snap out of the shock. Kuldeep’s father breaks down, reminiscing about his son’s memories. Teji shakes Heer and tries to bring her back to reality. Rajwinder cries uncontrollably as they take Kuldeep’s body for the burial rites. Teji slaps Heer, hoping to evoke a response from her. Finally, Heer breaks down and screams for Kuldeep. The episode concludes with Heer following the men carrying Kuldeep’s body. Jarnail sets fire to the pyre and swears to seek revenge from Heer.


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