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Parineetii 28th December 2023 Written Update: Sanju’s attempt to save Parineet

Parineetii 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sanju telling Neeti that he will kick her out of the house. Neeti is worried about how to stop him from finding Parineet. She breaks her slippers and tells him that she can’t walk barefoot. Sanju carries her in his arms, and Neeti thinks that this is what she needs from him. She believes that everything will go back to normal now that no one is between them. She asks if he’s alright, and he says he is, but he’s worried about Parineet. He doesn’t know where she is. Neeti reassures him that everything is fine between them, but Sanju disagrees. He’s supposed to marry Parineet tomorrow.

Sanju takes Neeti out of the fire, and everyone gathers there. Neeti tells Bebe that Sanju was with her, which is why she came out of the fire safely. Sanju is about to leave, but Neeti insists that he drinks water. He refuses, saying that Parineet is alone there. Amith tells him that he has already informed the firefighters. Neeti realizes that she has to waste his time so that Parineet will die in the fire.

Meanwhile, Parineet and Parminder are shouting for help. Tao ji stops Sanju from leaving, but Sanju insists that he has to save Parineet. He can’t leave her alone because he promised to be with her always. Neeti suggests that Parineet may have left the house, but Sanju is certain that she is still inside. He leaves, and Neeti is determined to stop him from saving Parineet.

Parineet breaks a window and helps Parminder to escape. She asks Parineet to come out, but a log falls, blocking her way. Parineet asks Parminder to find someone to help. Neeti sets fire to her own pants, and Sanju helps her extinguish it. Neeti realizes that she can use his concern for her to prevent him from searching for Parineet. He still loves her. He asks her to apply ointment to her burned leg and asks Bebe to help. Neeti tells him that he understands her better, but Sanju insists on saving Parineet and leaves. Bebe scolds Neeti for her actions, but Neeti explains that she set the fire to get rid of Parineet.

Neeti believes that Sanju came to help her because he still loves her and cares for her. She wants to prove to Parineet that he loves her and will give her the same pain. She will break her house, burn her happiness, and set fire to her life. Meanwhile, Parminder escapes from the fire and tells the family that Parineet is still inside and in danger. Tao ji asks Sanju to save her at any cost, but Bebe advises against it. Gurinder refuses to send Sanju, but Sanju insists on saving Parineet. Bebe tells Neeti that Sanju went to save Parineet because he still loves her. Neeti doesn’t care and believes that when Sanju sees Parineet’s lifeless body, he will come back to her. She won’t sacrifice her husband for someone else.

Neeti wants happiness, and if she’s happy, everyone else will be too. If she’s not happy, she will burn the world. They hear the sound of firefighters and see Sanju trying to break the door. Neeti stops him, saying it’s dangerous to go inside. Sanju says his life is inside and he can’t leave her alone. Neeti used to risk her life to save Parineet, but today she stopped her. Sanju is ashamed of her. Parminder says it’s her house and she will make the decision. She challenges anyone to stop Sanju from saving Parineet. Sanju breaks the door and goes inside, while Parineet struggles to breathe and prays for the strength to escape the fire and protect her baby.

Episode end.

Parminder accuses Neeti.


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