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Aangan Apno Kaa 28th December 2023 Written Update: Deepika teases Akash

Aangan Apno Kaa 28th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Akash receiving a call from a client who informs him about the unsafe conditions at the hospital where Pallavi is. Worried about her safety, Akash immediately contacts Pallavi. Pallavi, in turn, pleads with him to protect Jaydev, who has a history of panic attacks during earthquakes. Akash is shocked by this revelation. Later, Pallavi and Deepika are on their way home when they receive news of Jaydev’s panic attack. Both Pallavi and Deepika are deeply concerned. Upon reaching home, they find Jaydev in a state of panic. Akash is already there, taking care of him. Akash reassures Pallavi that Jaydev is doing better now, which brings both Pallavi and Deepika to tears. They take Jaydev to his room and continue to look after him.

Meanwhile, Tanvi is on a call with Rakesh, who asks her to check on Pallavi and Jaydev’s safety. Tanvi assures him that she will do so. Just then, Rahul calls out to Tanvi and informs her about Rekha’s intention to stay in the ashram. Tanvi is shocked by this news and pleads with Rekha not to leave home. She apologizes to Rekha for her past behavior, and Rahul also requests her to stay. Thankfully, Rekha agrees, and Tanvi is relieved.

In Sharma’s house, Deepika and Pallavi discuss Jaydev’s trauma while Akash serves them tea. Deepika playfully teases Akash about his relationship with Pallavi and suggests that he take her out to lighten her mood. Akash decides to do so after Deepika challenges him. Meanwhile, Akash’s boss expresses his disappointment with Akash to the committee members. He also learns that a client has canceled a deal with them, which infuriates him. He vows not to let Akash off the hook for the loss they have suffered.

Back in Rekha’s room, Rahul follows her and discovers that her suitcase is surprisingly light. Rekha asks him to leave and study, and once he’s gone, she opens the suitcase to reveal it is filled with paper. She declares to herself that Tanvi can’t separate her from Rakesh. Meanwhile, Pallavi confides in Akash about Jaydev’s trauma and her fear of leaving him alone in such situations. Akash reassures her that he was there for Jaydev today and promises that no harm will come to him. He then changes the subject and asks about the house design, which Pallavi enthusiastically shares was her mother Aastha’s idea. Akash admires her with a smile.

The next day, Akash returns home, and Subash questions him about not coming home the previous night. Akash explains that he was helping a colleague in need. Subash remarks that Akash must be special to his colleague for her to seek his help. Akash remembers Pallavi’s words and smiles. Aparna arrives and asks Akash about his overnight stay, and Subash covers for him by lying. Akash plays along with the lie. Meanwhile, Pallavi praises Akash to Monty and wonders if she has developed feelings for him.

In the upcoming episode, Akash enjoys his parents’ anniversary party and takes the opportunity to propose to Pallavi with Subash’s assistance. Pallavi surprises Aparna by dressing up as Santa Claus and entering Akash’s house.


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