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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 23rd March 2024 Written Update: Pashminna reunites with Raghav

Pashminna 23rd March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode kicks off with Pashminna arriving for her marriage with Preeti, Avinash, and Raghav. Rishi is already seated as her groom. Raghav tells Preeti that he’s heading out. He asks Avinash to give him a ring when he reaches Mumbai and says, “I miss you.” Avinash hugs him back and promises to give him a shout. Raghav bids farewell to Rishi, exchanges pleasantries with his family, and heads off. Meanwhile, Pashminna observes quietly.

Raghav reminisces about his moments with Pashminna, her assurance to never leave him, and their envisioned love story akin to Soni and Mahiwal. He’s lost in thought. Flashback done, Dadi and Moina approach Raghav. Dadi gives him a tight hug, followed by Aisha. Aisha reassures him, “You’ll be fine.” Reeva urges Raghav not to leave and implores him not to let Pashminna slip away. Raghav asks Aisha to take everyone to the airport and expresses his desire to take one last look at Kashmir. They all share a group hug, and Aisha teasingly warns him not to leave her stranded at the airport again. Raghav asks for her understanding, and Aisha nods in agreement.

Later, Raghav finds himself in his hotel room. Rishi pays him a visit and drops a bombshell – he’s brought Pashminna along. Raghav consoles Rishi, telling him not to be hard on Pashminna; it’s not her fault. He reveals that the wedding didn’t happen and empathizes with Rishi’s pain. Rishi confesses that Pashminna was his dream, but he acknowledges their destined connection. He acknowledges Raghav as Pashminna’s true happiness, listing all the things that make him irreplaceable to her. Raghav expresses gratitude and asks about Pashminna’s whereabouts. Reeva enters, and the misunderstanding is cleared. Reeva urges Raghav to reconsider, reminding him of the depth of their bond. Raghav contemplates his decision and decides to bid farewell to Kashmir, but not before one last look.

On the boat, Raghav reflects on his love for Pashminna and the essence of Kashmir. He muses about the beauty of love and his newfound understanding of Kashmiri culture. As he yearns for a final glimpse of Pashminna, a series of events unfold, leading to a joyous reunion between Raghav and Pashminna, much to everyone’s delight. The episode concludes on a happy note with Raghav and Pashminna’s union, bringing an end to their tumultuous journey.


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