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Vanshaj 28th December 2023 Written Update: Dj gets humiliated by Kabir.

Vanshaj 28th December 2023 Written Update on

On the other hand, Dj gets upset as he has failed to punish Yuvika. Kabir becomes angry with Dj’s behavior and gets irritated. Dj’s actions make him even more angry. Kabir gets upset with Dj when he realizes that people are sympathizing with Yuvika because of Roohi. Kabir asks Dj to take care of his own wife. Dj promises that he will seize all the power once he achieves his position in the company.

Meanwhile, at the Mahajan hosur, a media reporter comes to interview Bhoomi. Although Gargi thinks she will be interviewed, the lady reporter interviews Bhoomi instead for her contribution to her daughter’s success. The reporter praises Bhoomi’s activities and applauds her role as a mother. Bhoomi shares the struggles of her life with the media. Watching the interview, Kabir becomes offended and throws the device. He considers the conversation to be a lie and promises himself that he will seek revenge on Bhoomi and the Mahajan family, and teach them a lesson.

When Dj returns home, he bursts out in anger and calls for Roohi. However, the servant informs him that Roohi has gone to the hospital for a regular checkup. Dj waits for Roohi’s return. Later, Bhoomi goes to the temple to worship, but Gargi notices something suspicious in her behavior. She suspects that something is missing. In Bhoomi’s absence, Gargi asks the priest why Bhoomi offered the veneration to God secretly. The priest reveals that Bhoomi had a son who was stillborn, and every year she offers prayers for him.

The episode ends.

Precap: Bhanu will criticize Yuvika for her wrong decision and reveal the reality of their company’s shares.


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