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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th December 2023 Written Update: Vandana and Kunal come closer

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 28th December 2023 Written Update on

In this episode, we see Vandana and Kunal having a conversation. Kunal wants to apologize for his past actions, but he struggles to say the word sorry. Vandana reprimands him for insulting her in front of everyone. Although Kunal feels guilty, he finds it difficult to express himself. He holds Vandana’s hands, asks her to sit down, and tends to his injury.

Amused by his hesitation, Vandana asks Kunal to say sorry loudly so that everyone can hear it. Finally, Kunal musters the courage to say sorry loudly, and all the family members hear it. They both become closer to each other. However, Soniya arrives and feels incredibly jealous upon seeing them getting closer.

Kunal wants to take Vandana to the doctor, but he is called for an urgent meeting. He apologizes for not being able to take her to the doctor and Soniya offers to take Vandana instead. Soniya is determined to reenter Kunal’s life and remove Vandana from it. She realizes her mistake of leaving Kunal for Indranil and now wants to return to his life. She also feels jealous of Vandana’s new position and luck.

Later, Ranu scolds Tara harshly for messing up in the kitchen. Ranu insults her for entering the kitchen without permission. Vandana arrives and strongly opposes Ranu’s behavior. She firmly tells Ranu to stop tormenting Tara. Vandana asserts her position in the house and asks Ranu to mind her own behavior. Soniya also supports Vandana’s decision. Pammi, surprised by Soniya’s changed behavior, tries to figure out the reason behind it and plans to manipulate Soniya.

Vijay enters the Malhotra house and shouts at Vandana upon seeing Soniya there. He demands that Vandana remove Soniya from the house. Vijay cannot tolerate Soniya and Vandana together and repeatedly insists that Vandana get rid of Soniya, or else her life will be a mess.

In the precap, Soniya feels insulted by Vandana’s behavior and becomes determined to enter Kunal’s life. She pretends to be depressed, and Kunal pleads with her not to leave the house. Soniya fakes guilt and tightly hugs Kunal, showing her interest in him and expressing her desire to return to his life. Meanwhile, Tara gets kidnapped as part of Soniya’s plan.


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