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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 6th December 2023 Written Update: Navjot tries to force Heer to marry Kuldeep

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 6th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The latest episode begins with Heer coming back home and trying to keep what happened at Atwals a secret from Beant Singh, who is already stressed about the case. However, Beant senses that Heer is hiding something. Navjot arrives and mentions that Heer would have come with shagun if she hadn’t messed things up. Beant asks what happened there, and Navjot reveals that Heer rejected Kuldeep’s proposal. Meanwhile, Teji informs Sartaj that he is now safe and she will take care of his blistered hands.

Parneet fills Rajwinder’s mind with negative thoughts about Heer and advises her to control Kuldeep before losing him forever. Rajwinder reveals that the company is threatening to cancel the deal. Janel suggests that Rajwinder focus on the land issue and shares his plans regarding Beant Singh and Heer. Surprisingly, Beant Singh supports Heer’s decision to reject Kuldeep and get married in the Atwal house. Navjot argues that career is not as important, but Heer insists on becoming independent before considering marriage. Navjot threatens to lock Heer in the house unless she agrees to marry Kuldeep, but Beant Singh intervenes and promises to protect Heer from any injustice.

Rajwinder expresses concern for Sartaj’s health to Teji. Teji appreciates Heer and Ranjha’s bravery in saving Sartaj. Ranjha, feeling guilty for hurting Heer, worries that she will never speak to him again. He also fears that Navjot will force Heer to marry Kuldeep, believing that she won’t find happiness with the Atwals. Guldasta reassures him that Heer rejected Kuldeep because she likes Ranjha. Determined to resolve the situation, Ranjha plans to talk to Beant Singh but worries that Heer will get upset if she sees him there. He comes up with the idea of enticing her with saag and makke di roti.

Suraj Singh keeps a close watch on Ranjha and immediately informs someone that both Ranjha and Heer are present. Heer refuses to accept food from Ranjha, prompting him to consider calling Beant Singh directly. However, Heer has Beant Singh’s phone, so they playfully argue about it. Beant Singh appreciates Ranjha’s friendship with Heer, noticing the respect in his eyes for her. He promises to protect her even if it means risking his own life. Jeet fights against a gang of goons sent by Suraj Singh, and Heer, upon hearing the commotion, rushes outside. Despite Ranjha’s insistence, she refuses to leave. Beant Singh also steps out with his gun, leaving Suraj Singh shocked to discover that Heer is his daughter.

Kuldeep threatens to leave the house if his love is not accepted. Suraj informs Rajwinder about Heer being Beant’s daughter, and she smirks upon hearing the news. Rajwinder stops Kuldeep and announces that she accepts his relationship with Heer. Heer tends to Ranjha’s wounds and speculates that the goons were sent by the Atwals. Ranjha suggests seeking revenge by going to the Atwal mansion. Rajwinder reveals her plan to bring the land piece with her if Heer marries Kuldeep. Parneet questions her about Tanya and Kuldeep’s marriage. The episode concludes with Rajwinder promising Tanya to break Kuldeep and Heer’s marriage in the future and make Tanya the daughter-in-law of the Atwals.


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