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Kavya 5th December 2023 Written Update: Kavya refuses to marry Shubh

Kavya 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Anjali comforting Kavya, expressing her concern for Kavya’s well-being. Anjali shares her worries about Kavya’s decision to jeopardize her life for Adi. Giriraj interrupts, claiming that Adhiraj Pradhan is the reason for Kavya’s sudden change of heart. Surprised, Kavya asks Rajiv how Giriraj came to know about this. Rajiv explains that Giriraj accused him of arranging Kavya’s elopement with Adi. Confused, Rajiv questions Kavya about the situation between her and Adi. Kavya responds by informing Rajiv that Adi came to stop her and advised her against sacrificing her career for him, as he does not wish to become an IAS officer. Mayank admires Adi, while Rajiv remarks that Adi doesn’t need to work as an IAS officer since his father can take care of him. Kavya counters Rajiv’s comment, stating that if Adi were like his father, he would not have come to stop her.

Kavya reads a message from Adi, revealing his joy as she has accepted his love. Rajiv warns Kavya to stay away from Giriraj Pradhan and his son.

Curious, Kavya asks Rajiv if Jayadeep uncle and his family will be upset if she rejects Shubh. Rajiv responds that they would be disappointed if she says yes, as Shubh is nothing like his father. Relieved, Kavya takes comfort in this information.

Jayadeep informs Shubh that Kavya did not go to the academy. Shubh feels relieved upon hearing this. Kavya arrives with her family to meet Jayadeep. She apologizes to him for not being able to fulfill her promise of marrying Shubh. Kavya expresses her opinion to Jayadeep, while Gowri criticizes her. Kavya confesses to Shubh that she used to love him in the past, but his actions have caused her to lose respect for him.

Adi informs Malini about Kavya accepting his love. Malini decides to gift bangles to Kavya. Adi advises Malini to remain calm, reminding her that Kavya still has the bangles symbolizing her marriage to Shubh.

Kavya leaves the final decision to Jayadeep, assuring him that she will accept whatever he decides. Jayadeep removes the bangles from Kavya’s hand, symbolizing her newfound freedom. He expresses his pride in her.

Omi approaches Giriraj, revealing that Kavya was on her way to the academy to relinquish her post for Adi, but Adi followed her to stop her. Omi warns Giriraj that if Kavya becomes their daughter-in-law, everything will fall apart. Omi believes that no matter how hard they try to hide the truth, Kavya will eventually find out. Omi pleads with Giriraj to protect her. Giriraj dismisses Kavya as insignificant, stating that she is nothing but a fly that he can eliminate whenever he wants.

Rajiv expresses his gratitude to Jayadeep, who advises Kavya to live her life freely from now on. Shubh confides in Rajiv, acknowledging that Kavya’s actions were all for Adi and hinting at the consequences if Kavya marries Adi.

The episode ends.

Precap: Kavya requests Adi to leave, fearing that her father might arrive at any moment. Adi agrees and departs from there.

Rajiv intercepts Adi and warns him to stay away from Kavya.


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