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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 5th December 2023 Written Update: Avinash denies to help Pashminna

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 5th December 2023 Written Update on

Preeti reminisces about discovering her pregnancy and confides in Pashminna that she has raised her alone until now, but she has no other choice. She is willing to go to any lengths to save Pashminna.

Kailash scolds Paras for causing a scene at the hospital. He tells Paras to go home, reminding him that he wanted him to become a hero. Avinash overhears their conversation. Kailash informs Avinash that he is going to save his daughter-in-law.

Dadi reassures Mohana not to worry about Ruhaan, as she will handle him. Ruhaan states that Pashminna needs Raghav’s support, so he will wait to see Raghav. Dadi decides to go to the temple and requests Ruhaan to pray for Pashminna as well.

Ayesha assures Preeti that Avinash will save Pashminna. Raghav praises Pashminna, emphasizing how she saved him. Ayesha tells Pashminna that she feels a connection with Preeti in a short time. She considers herself Pashminna’s sister because Avinash is going to donate blood to Pashminna. Ayesha urges Pashminna to recover quickly, as Preeti needs her. Raghav asks Preeti if she is still affected by Pashminna’s father and reassures her that she should not hesitate to accept his help in the future.

Avinash requests the nurse to inform him of the blood test results. He congratulates Paras for saving Pashminna and expresses his desire to help him. The nurse reveals that Avinash can donate blood to Pashminna. However, Avinash decides to search for another blood donor, declining to donate himself due to time constraints.

Raghav advises Preeti to accept Pashminna’s father’s help without hesitation in the future. Kailash arrives and informs them that Avinash cannot donate blood due to high blood pressure. Avinash apologizes to Preeti, and Ayesha expresses concern for his well-being. Avinash insists on donating blood, but Preeti insists that he doesn’t need to.

Paras asks Avinash about the blood donor’s whereabouts. Avinash reveals that the blood will arrive via a private helicopter and hides from Preeti’s father.

Ayesha and Raghav attempt to arrange for blood. Ayesha suggests that Avinash might have a solution. Avinash proposes that they leave for the airport, but Raghav refuses, citing his trust issues with Kailash. Raghav declares that he won’t leave because he owes his life to Pashminna. Ayesha and Mohana also refuse to leave. Avinash becomes frustrated. The doctor warns Preeti that Pashminna may slip into a coma if she doesn’t receive blood.

The episode ends.

Precap – Preeti orders Avinash to donate blood to Pashminna.


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