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Parineetii 5th December 2023 Written Update: Sanju gives a reality check to Neeti

Parineetii 5th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Neeti congratulating Parineet and expressing her joy. She stops Sanju and informs him that he will be marrying Parineet, as she considers Parineet to be like a sister. Neeti considers Sanju to be her brother-in-law now. Parineet assures Parminder that she will try to make Neeti understand the situation. However, Parminder is too angry to listen to any explanations. Neeti asks them if her presence makes them uncomfortable, assuring them that she doesn’t want to ruin their happiness. Neeti expresses her shock and betrayal, wondering how she can refer to Sanju as her brother-in-law when he was her husband until recently. Neeti confronts Parineet, demanding to know how she plans to address him. Frustrated, Neeti throws a plate and starts dancing in anger, while Sanju glares at her and storms out. Neeti glares back at Parineet. Meanwhile, Sanju ponders over Neeti’s intentions. He realizes that everything has happened according to her wishes. She wanted a divorce, and he gave it to her. Neeti expresses her pain and accuses them of wasting her time. Sanju sarcastically apologizes and asks her to leave. Neeti argues that he is acting as if nothing happened between them. Sanju insists that they have no relationship anymore.

Neeti questions him about who ended their relationship, to which Sanju replies that she ended it by demanding a divorce, and he simply granted her wish. Sanju emphasizes that she is the one who ended everything between them. Neeti argues that it doesn’t affect him because he never loved her. Sanju counters by saying that he did love her, care for her, and miss her, but now he feels nothing for her. Their relationship is over. Neeti wonders if the divorce erases their love. Sanju explains that she wanted to leave the house, so he let her go. She wanted a divorce, and he granted it. She wanted to satisfy her ego, and now she is blaming him for everything. Later, Parineet confides in Parminder that she went to talk to Neeti, but Sanju might have disappointed her. Parminder advises her not to create new problems, as Neeti won’t understand her. Chandrika defends Parineet, stating that she has never betrayed anyone and is not Neeti’s rival. Neeti broke her own relationship with Sanju. Gurinder accuses Parineet of separating Sanju from Neeti and questions why she wants to marry her son when there are plenty of other options available.

Bebe accuses Parineet of trying to steal her sister’s family. Parminder scolds Bebe for her behavior. Parineet walks away from the argument. Parminder complains to Bebe that she should behave more maturely. Sanju tells Neeti that he thought no one could come between them, but he was wrong. Neeti blames his character and accuses him of bringing Parineet into their lives. Sanju denies that Parineet came between them and argues that Neeti sacrificed many things to save their marriage. Despite her efforts, they couldn’t save their relationship because it was their destiny. Parineet was married to him first, and she never considered how painful it would be for her to see them together. She never imagined how Parineet would feel seeing Neeti in their bedroom with her husband. Neeti continues to blame Parineet for ruining everything due to her ego. Parineet enters the room, and Neeti accuses her of eavesdropping. Neeti claims that Parineet’s presence is based on her insecurity and that she knows her well. Sanju defends Parineet, stating that Neeti only knows how to express her anger towards others. Parineet came to stop their argument and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Sanju firmly tells Neeti to move on with her life, as she is his past and Parineet is his present and future.

Sanju holds Parineet’s hand and escorts her out of the room. Neeti breaks down in tears, and Bebe approaches her. Bebe tells Neeti to stop crying and congratulates the newly engaged couple. Neeti feels betrayed and accuses Bebe of mocking her ruined life. Bebe retorts that Neeti is the one who snatched her husband, and she can’t do anything about it now. Bebe reminds Neeti that she has no right to interfere and declares that the mehndi ceremony, wedding, and first night will proceed as planned. Neeti shouts for them to stop.

Episode ends.

Precap: Sanju tells Neeti to wait and watch as he takes the seven wedding vows with Parineet. Neeti vows to bring destruction.


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