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Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2023 Written Update: Jasveer takes to pledge to burn Rajvansh to ashes

Kumkum Bhagya 14th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Manpreet approaching Prachi and inquiring about her worries. Prachi insists that there is nothing wrong, but Manpreet persists in asking what she wants and why she seems so troubled. Prachi tearfully confesses that she misses Ranbir and desperately wants to be with him.

Krishna, in his heart, also confesses that he misses Prachi deeply.

Meanwhile, Diya discusses Rajvansh with Purvi. Similarly, Yug talks to Rajvansh about Purvi. Diya reminds Purvi of how frequently they have coincidentally crossed paths and how Rajvansh has repeatedly come to her rescue. She suggests to Purvi that their frequent meetings might not be mere coincidence, but rather a sign of destiny.

Yug expresses the same sentiment to Rajvansh, believing that their encounters are not mere chance, but rather a result of destiny. Diya questions Purvi about how they ended up trapped in the changing room together. Purvi explains that Rajvansh stayed in the changing room to protect her honor, as Ashutosh and Bina were waiting outside. If they had seen Rajvansh, they would have bombarded her with questions. Diya insists that Rajvansh loves Purvi, but Purvi dismisses her comments and tells her to go to sleep. Rajvansh also dismisses Yug’s comments and tells him to go to sleep.

Jasveer, frustrated with the situation, vents his anger. His bodyguard approaches him and asks what’s wrong. Jasveer confesses that he loves Purvi and wants to marry her, but Rajvansh is coming between them.

Jasveer looks at a fire log and addresses it as if he were speaking to Rajvansh. He warns Rajvansh that Purvi belongs to him and threatens to burn Rajvansh to ashes, just like the fire log he steps on.

Later, Harleen performs an Aarthi ritual for all the family members. Yug spots his father and tries to avoid him, but his father calls him over. Yug complains about Jixi’s father lying and claiming that he called Jixi hot. Dadaji teasingly scolds Yug for calling a woman hot and pretends to be a young guy himself. Dadi becomes upset and leaves. Dadaji worries about Dadi and follows her. Rajvansh informs Hermal that he needs to go to the office and asks Harleen to take her medicine on time, to which she agrees.

Prachi informs Purvi that they need to visit Ashutosh’s house in the evening, and Purvi agrees. Later, Purvi and Diya head out together.

While crossing the road, Rajvansh narrowly avoids hitting Purvi with his car, stopping just in time. He gets out of the car and engages in a conversation with Purvi.

The episode concludes.


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