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Rab Se Hai Dua Upcoming Story: Akhthar’s family to punish Gazal

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Zee TV’s popular show Rab Se Hai Dua features Karanvir Sharma, Richa Rathore, and Aditi Sharma in the lead roles. The series revolves around the lives of Dua, Haider, and Gazal, exploring the concept of polygamy in Islam. In the latest episode, Gazal plans to kill Hina.

In the previous episode, Haider asks the inspector to arrest him, but Dua convinces him to stay by Hina’s side. Dua then volunteers to be arrested herself, and the inspector takes her away. Meanwhile, Gazal is overjoyed with this turn of events.

Haider tells Gazal that she will regret sending Dua to jail, as she has just made a big mistake. He declares that she is now his enemy. Gazal flirts with him and asks for his rights, but Haider vehemently expresses his hatred towards her. The media tarnishes Dua’s reputation.

In the upcoming episode, Gazal realizes that Dua needs Hina’s testimony to prove her innocence and decides to kill Hina before that can happen. However, she is shocked to find Hina missing from the ICU. The doctor informs her that Haider and Rahat have discharged Hina from the hospital.

Gazal becomes angry and scolds the doctor. Eihchaaz shows Gazal a video of Hina confessing that Dua is not the culprit and someone else is responsible. Gazal is shocked by this revelation and fears that she will end up behind bars.

Eihchaaz suggests that Gazal should escape, but she slaps him and insists on pursuing her goals. She wants Haider and his property. The doctor confronts Gazal, and later, Akhthar’s family threatens and punishes her.

What will happen next? Will Dua expose Gazal? Will Haider uncover the truth?

To find out, stay tuned to Rab Se Hai Dua on Zee TV/Zee 5 app and visit BtownMagic.com for more updates.


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