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Yeh Hai Chahatein  Upcoming Story: Aditya to learn about Kaashvi’s divorce!

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Yeh Hai Chahatein is a popular show on In the latest updates, Aditya asks the trainees to bring their families for an orientation party. What will happen at the party? Let’s find out.

In the current storyline, Kaashvi hurts her finger while trying to fix a car. Arjun comes to her aid, and Vishal captures a photo of them. The office becomes abuzz with gossip about Arjun and Kaashvi. When Arjun and Kaashvi see the photo, Vishal comments that he now understands why Arjun is Kaashvi’s favorite. Arjun scolds Vishal, and in a fit of anger, Kaashvi slaps him. She then orders him to work as a construction laborer as punishment. However, Vishal refuses to comply, leading Kaashvi to remind him that he shouldn’t go against his senior.

Vishal later complains to Aditya about the unfair treatment he received. Aditya defends Kaashvi and convinces Vishal to complete the punishment. When they are alone, Aditya asks Kaashvi about the photo, and she explains everything to him, stating that Arjun is just a trainee to her.

Later, Kaashvi goes to school for a vaccination inspection and sees Karun. However, Karun refuses to look at her face, which leaves her feeling upset. To avoid showing her face to him, she wears a helmet and he hugs her.

In the upcoming episode, Dadi will inform Aditya about Kaashvi’s divorce. Aditya will inquire about Kaashvi’s ex-husband’s name and then ask the trainees to bring their families for the orientation party. Arjun will approach Mahima and ask if she will attend the party.

Will Dadi reveal Arjun’s name to Aditya?

Will Karun tell Kaashvi about Mahima’s promise?

All of these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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