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Anupama 29th November 2023 Written Update: Pakhi exposes Dimple

Anupama 29th November 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode of the popular TV show “Anupama,” Anupama asks Anuj to check if Anu has a lot of syllabus to study. Anuj wonders why Anupama is studying and she explains that she needs to understand the subject in order to teach Anu. Anuj advises Anupama to take rest and not overexert herself. Anupama insists on waiting for Pakhi and asks Anuj to go to sleep. Anuj finds Anupama’s behavior unpredictable and wonders why she scolds Pakhi but worries about her in her absence.

Pakhi gets into an argument with Adhik and claims that she is not at fault this time. She reveals that Tapish is having an affair and urges Adhik to speak up. Anupama refuses to believe Pakhi’s allegations and asks Adhik to stop the drama. Pakhi insists that Dimple is involved with Titu and demands that Anupama confront her. Leela, Malti, Barkha, and Hasmuk question Pakhi about her behavior and Pakhi accuses Dimple of having an affair with Titu. While Leela refuses to believe the accusation, Malti suggests that Dimple should marry Titu. Anupama tries to calm everyone down, but Pakhi misbehaves with her. Anuj intervenes and asks everyone to go to sleep.

Anupama wonders if they will ever have a peaceful night. Anuj asks Anupama if she thinks Dimple is really having an affair. Anupama expresses her trust in Dimple and believes that she would have told her if something was going on.

Tapish drops Dimple off at home and they have a conversation about their day. They are surprised to see Vanraj. Adhik accuses Pakhi of being vengeful and Pakhi retaliates by questioning Dimple’s ability to be a mother. Vanraj warns Tapish to stay away from Dimple, causing tension between them. Kavya defends Tapish, but Vanraj insists that Tapish should distance himself from Dimple because he is a boy. The episode ends with Malti Devi taunting Leela and Hasmuk about the electricity bill, and Anuj confronting Malti about her politics.

In the upcoming episode, tensions between the characters are likely to escalate as conflicts continue to arise. Stay tuned for more updates.


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