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Anupama 30th November 2023 Written Update: Malti Devi taunts Leela

Anupama 30th November 2023 Written Update on

In today’s episode, Dimple explains to Vanraj that she didn’t do anything suspicious with Titu. She reveals that Titu took her to a music concert and safely brought her back home. Although Vanraj agrees that Dimple might be telling the truth, he expresses his concern about Titu’s intentions. As a precaution, Vanraj asks Dimple to leave and return from the academy. Kavya tries to defend Dimple, but Vanraj avoids discussing the matter further and asks about Hasmuk and Leela.

Meanwhile, Barkha and Malti discuss an electricity bill, blaming Hasmuk’s Alzheimer’s for leaving the AC on. Leela apologizes on Hasmuk’s behalf, but Anupama reassures her that there’s no need to apologize. Malti explains that Hasmuk and Leela don’t have to pay the bills, so they tend to keep the AC on. Anuj questions Malti about her own bill payments and wonders why she’s concerned. Malti apologizes and suggests that Hasmuk and Leela can stay longer. However, Vanraj interrupts and announces that their parents will not stay with them anymore. Hasmuk and Leela are delighted to see Vanraj, who expresses his gratitude to Anupama and Anuj for taking care of his parents. Vanraj asks Hasmuk and Leela to pack their bags, promising to take care of their bills.

Anuj and Anupama bid farewell to Hasmuk and Leela, and Vanraj thanks Anuj for his support. Meanwhile, Barkha and Malti discuss Anuj, feeling that he is angry with them. Malti decides to fake tears to gain Anuj’s attention and asks Barkha about Dimple’s recent behavior.

Dimple confides in Kavya that she is worried about Leela scolding her upon her return. Kavya consoles her, and when Leela and Hasmuk come back, they are happy to be back in the Shah house. However, Leela avoids Dimple, which upsets her. Vanraj assures Leela that he has spoken to Dimple, but Dimple becomes angry, feeling that her character is being questioned. Kavya supports Dimple in this argument.

Anu asks Malti why Hasmuk and Leela left without informing her. Malti explains that they couldn’t stay for long at their house and adds that when Anu grows up, she will have to go to her in-laws’ house. Anu refuses to get married, and Anupama consoles her. Malti tells Anupama to stop worrying about her in-laws, but Anupama stands up for herself and criticizes Malti for playing politics. Anupama then cries alone and questions why she can’t have a peaceful and simple life. However, she eventually finds encouragement within herself.

In the upcoming episode, Dimple instigates Anu by suggesting that Anupama will abandon her at the orphanage once Dimple’s baby is born. Anu will question Anuj and Anupama about whether they will forget her, just as Pakhi said. Anuj and Anupama are left stunned by the question.


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