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Anupama Upcoming Story: Separation lies ahead for Anupama and Anuj

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Star Plus’ show Anupama, which follows the journey of Anupama and her struggles, is currently portraying her heartbreak after being blamed not only by the Shahs but also by Anuj. Now, the question arises, what will be Anupama’s next move?

In the previous episode, Dimpi tends to Kinjal’s wounds while Vanraj expresses his anger towards Anupama and accuses her of always causing trouble for his family. Toshu also calls Anupama selfish and questions why she took Kinjal and Pari with her. Leela also holds Anupama responsible.

Anupama declares that she is now turning away from all of them. She states that love and relationships will remain, but she will no longer visit the Shah house. Anuj, too, picks up Choti and leaves.

When Anupama tries to talk to Choti Anu, she ignores her and goes to Anuj. Choti tells Anuj that Anupama saved her in the end and embraces him, asking him not to touch her as she is the least important person to her.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama will inform Choti Anu that she is not her biological mother, while Pari is her own granddaughter. Malti Devi will also point out how Anupama always prioritizes the Shahs. Anuj will intervene and ask them to stop arguing. When Anupama asks if he feels she neglects him and Choti for the sake of the Shahs, he will agree.

To find out what happens next, stay tuned to this space for more updates.


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