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Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Pari’s birthday celebration to bring more drama

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Anupamaa is an immensely popular show on Star Plus that has been captivating Indian audiences. In the latest episode, Anupamaa is eagerly looking forward to celebrating Pari’s birthday and meeting her. However, she is taken aback by Vanraj’s rude behavior. Meanwhile, Choti, who is feeling insecure, becomes jealous of Anupama’s love for Pari.

In the previous episode, Kinjal reassures Leela that the food she is giving Pari is safe. Leela informs Kinjal about Vanraj’s restrictions. Anupamaa gifts Anu a new art book, which brings joy to Choti.

Choti once again feels envious when she sees all the gifts. Kinjal suggests that they invite Anupamaa for Pari’s birthday celebration and states that if Anupamaa doesn’t come, the cake will not be cut.

Anupamaa decides to meet Pari on her birthday, disregarding Vanraj’s restrictions. This upsets Choti even more when she learns that the cake is specifically for Pari. Anuj assures Anupamaa that he will defend her if Vanraj offends her. On the other hand, Titu plans to return to Mumbai, much to Dimpi’s dismay. Anupamaa is excited about meeting Pari but suddenly remembers Vanraj’s decision and hesitates before reaching the Shah house.

In the upcoming episode, both Anupamaa and Vanraj will place the cake on the table. Vanraj, however, will taunt Anupamaa for coming without an invitation. Malti Devi expresses her hope that Anupamaa will face embarrassment at the celebration. Kinjal explains that she has invited Anupamaa, but Vanraj insists on sending her back. While the entire family celebrates Pari’s birthday, Anupamaa will find herself feeling isolated.

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