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Anupamaa Upcoming Story: Pari’s birthday to unfold more drama

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Star Plus’s show Pandya Store is currently showcasing the stress Anupamaa is experiencing due to recent events. On the other hand, more drama awaits with Kinjal and Toshu coming to the Shah house.

In the previous episode, Advik revealed that he asked Pakhi to return, but she refused. He mentioned that he will no longer speak to Pakhi and will give her a divorce if she asks for it. Kinjal and Toshu return home with Pari, which brings joy to the Shah family. Dimpi mentions that Anupamaa will be happy to hear this news, but Vanraj forbids anyone from calling her.

Kanta advises Anupamaa that she is burdening herself unnecessarily because of the Shahs. She encourages Anupamaa to take care of Anuj and Choti while also pursuing her own dreams.

Anupamaa becomes emotional thinking about Samar, but her mother consoles her by explaining that children must grow up and live their own lives. Anupamaa brings many gifts for Pari, Kinjal, and Toshu. Malti Devi provokes Choti, who asks Anupamaa if she forgot to bring anything for her.

In the upcoming episode, Kinjal will inform Leela that Anupamaa will be invited to Pari’s birthday party. If she doesn’t attend, the cake will not be cut. Anuj will ask Anupamaa if she will go despite Vanraj’s words. Anupamaa will reply that she is going for her children’s happiness.

Stay tuned to to find out what happens next.


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