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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th December 2023 Written Update: Mrunal takes revenge against Vandana

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Mrunal dramatically informing Soniya about Vandana and Kunal’s marriage. Soniya looks surprised, and to add more excitement, Mrunal also mentions the consequences of their marriage. She reveals that after their marriage, they will easily gain custody of Tara, making Vandana the queen and snatching both Tara and Kunal from Soniya. Shocked, Soniya questions Mrunal about her hatred towards her sister. Mrunal confesses that she has despised Vandana since childhood, as she was constantly compared to her. She passionately expresses her goal of destroying Vandana’s life. To accomplish this, she enlists Soniya’s help in retrieving the bell for Vaibhav. They form an alliance against Vandana.

Pummy seeks attention from Vedika, Guneet, and Bobby, but they pay no heed. In retaliation, Tara throws a lizard at Pummy for uttering a curse word about Vandana. Pummy becomes furious. Soniya approaches Vandana to disturb her, asserting that Kunal will never love Vandana as he only loves Soniya, and Tara symbolizes their love. Soniya warns Vandana about Kunal’s true nature, stating that he will use her and eventually discard her. Vandana calmly listens and firmly grabs Mrunal’s hand, expressing her desire to become Tara’s mother and the reason behind her marriage to Kunal. She openly challenges Soniya to do her worst and emphasizes that Kunal has changed. Soniya shouldn’t believe she can manipulate her as she did before.

Bobby comes downstairs engrossed in his phone. Accidentally, his phone slips from his hand, catching Vedika and Guneet’s attention. They catch a glimpse of a misleading photo of Vandana on his phone. Pummy witnesses this and creates more drama. Bobby and Guneet explain that the photo is a product of artificial intelligence, nothing more. Soon, everyone starts discussing the photo. Vedika worries that the photo may have reached Vandana’s house as well.

Mrunal visits Vijay’s house to show them the fake picture of Vandana. She claims it represents the reality. Vijay appears disturbed, and Hemant and Anagha also receive calls regarding the photo. Mrunal fabricates stories behind the photo, blaming Vandana’s cheap mentality. Finally, Vijay speaks up in protest. In reality, Mrunal and Soniya created the fake photo to defame Vandana.

Vandana goes to the market, where everyone curses her. No one is willing to talk to her, and even the shopkeepers refuse to sell vegetables to her. Unaware of the photo, Vandana is shown the picture by the public, who continue to curse her.

The episode ends.

Precap: A goon approaches Vandana and attempts to physically assault her. Already disturbed by the previous comments, Vandana is unable to protect herself. Just then, Kunal arrives on a bike like a savior. He lifts her up, wraps a cloth around her, and takes her away on his bike. Kunal holds her trembling hands for support.


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