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Esha Deol Cheers for Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 Despite Wedding Absence

Sunny Deol is making his grand comeback with the action-packed Gadar 2! And it seems like his half-sister, Esha Deol, is secretly rooting for him. Despite the recent absence of Esha and her mother, Hema Malini, from Sunny’s son Karan’s wedding, Esha’s gesture on her Instagram Stories shows that she still cares for her family.

Esha shared the trailer of Gadar 2 on her social media and added emoticons like applause, congratulations, and a red heart, along with tagging Sunny in the post. Though she did not add any words of praise, her message conveyed her best wishes for Sunny’s film.

Esha Deol Gadar 2 Instagram Story

Although Esha and her mother, Hema Malini, were unable to attend Sunny’s son Karan’s recent wedding, Esha still made sure to send her warm wishes to the newlywed couple on her social media platform. This gesture reflects the bond and affection within the Deol family, despite any absences at the wedding event.

Esha Deol is the eldest daughter of Dharmendra and Hema Malini, while Sunny and Bobby Deol are Dharmendra’s sons from his first marriage to Prakash Kaur. Despite being raised by different mothers, the Deol family has always shown love and support for each other.

Recently, after Karan’s wedding, Dharmendra penned a heartfelt note to his daughters and sons-in-law, including Esha, expressing his love and affection for them. Esha responded with love and reassured her father that she loves him unconditionally.

Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 is eagerly awaited by fans, and the film is set to hit theaters on August 11, 2023. As the release date approaches, it’s heartwarming to see the Deol family coming together to celebrate and support each other’s endeavors, even in times of personal differences.


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