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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Story: Ishaan to aid Savi

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Star Plus TV’s popular show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin is currently going through some significant developments, causing concern for the Chavan family, particularly regarding Ninad.

Previously reported, Savi dresses up as a police officer and reenacts the childhood game of thief and police. In this act, Savi takes on the role of the cop, while Harini portrays the thief. Bhavani and Ashwini play the characters of Virat and Sai, respectively, and Vinu acts as a doctor.

The cop searches for the thief and eventually catches them, but a fight breaks out between them, resulting in the cop getting injured. The doctor arrives to treat the cop, and later on, Savi asks Ninad if he remembers anything from the incident.

In the upcoming episode, viewers can expect Savi’s attempts to make Ninad recognize her, but unfortunately, he fails to do so. Savi then asks Harini to play the Harmonium, but Harini explains that her fingers are injured. Savi then asks anyone else to play the Harmonium, and Ishaan steps up to help trigger Ninad’s memory.

The question remains: Will Savi be able to save Ninad?

All these queries will be answered in the forthcoming episodes.

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