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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 11th December 2023 Written Update: Rajwinder decides to make Heer’s life difficult

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 11th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Gurmeet praising Heer’s decision. Navjot asks him to bring sweets and tells Ranjha to find a new friend as Heer is going to the Atwal house. Navjot goes to inform the Atwals about this development. Ranjha tries to hide his pain and smiles when he sees Heer. Kuldeep receives a call from Navjot, who informs him that Heer has agreed to marry him. Kuldeep is overjoyed and asks if Heer was forced into this decision. Navjot clarifies that Heer made the decision herself. Rajwinder and Navjot congratulate each other and plan to get Heer and Kuldeep married once Beant Singh recovers.

Kuldeep calls Rajwinder the best mother and hugs her. He goes to inform Teji about the good news. Heer sits next to Beant Singh, who apologizes for leaving her alone. Heer tells him that she has obtained a stay order for Haveli, so there won’t be an auction. Beant Singh questions if she is lying to spare his feelings. Heer assures him that he will believe her once he returns home after recovering. She tells him to rest. Heer hopes that Beant Singh never thinks she has sacrificed her own life to stop the auction of Haveli.

Heer approaches Ranjha and asks if he supports her decision. Ranjha promises to always be by her side to protect her. Heer agrees with Beant Singh’s statement that only those with good fate have friends like Ranjha. Navjot distributes sweets to everyone and tells Heer that she knows Kuldeep will make her happy. Ranjha feels heartbroken but pretends to be strong. Heer notices the change in his emotions. Teji is happy for Kuldeep and advises him to be honest in his marriage and never let Heer cry. Kuldeep promises to be the best husband.

Ranjha returns home and vents his frustration by breaking things. He keeps washing his face repeatedly. Jogi and Guldasta console Ranjha and tell him to express whatever he feels in his heart. Ranjha shares how he spent his childhood without his parents and now doesn’t know how to spend the rest of his life without Heer. He reveals that Heer accepted Kuldeep’s marriage proposal under pressure. Guldasta suggests that Heer has become blinded by money. Ranjha slaps him and supports Heer’s decision. He says he will pray for the Atwals to keep Heer happy, or else they will face his wrath.

Kuldeep’s father advises him to give Heer all the happiness. On the other hand, Rajwinder gives shagun (gift) to Tanya, declaring that she will be the daughter-in-law of the Atwal house. After ten days of marriage, she plans to make Heer leave and bring Tanya to the house after acquiring the land. Janel becomes hysterical when he sees a maid wearing a purple saree and attacks her. Rajwinder calms him down. Heer and Ranjha pray together at the Gurdwara, and she tells him about how Beant Singh will react when he finds out about their relationship.

The episode ends with Janel saying that the mother of the girl he burned in the past won’t spare him. However, Rajwinder reminds him that she has been in a mental asylum for the past five years.


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