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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 7th December 2023 Written Update: Heer denies to marry Kuldeep

Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 7th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Beant Singh praying to Babaji for the case on their house to be in their favor. Heer gives him prasad and expresses her desire to accompany him. However, Beant believes that it would be better for her to stay home as all their family members will be present, and he doesn’t want to invite any bad luck. Later, Heer and Ranjha visit the Atwal mansion to meet Rajwinder. When the guards try to stop them, Kuldeep intervenes and advises them to think before taking action. Heer questions Kuldeep about Rajwinder’s whereabouts, and he reveals that she has gone to Heer’s house, hinting at a surprise for her.

Meanwhile, Rajwinder, along with Teji and Janel, arrives at Heer’s house, surprising Navjot. Rajwinder shares the news of Kuldeep’s marriage proposal to Heer. Navjot warmly welcomes them inside, but Rajwinder starts sneezing due to the spices in the kitchen. Navjot introduces her family members to Rajwinder and informs her that Heer is at the Gurudwara and will return soon. Heer requests Kuldeep to prevent Rajwinder from discussing their relationship, as she is not interested in marrying him. However, Kuldeep refuses to comply, believing that he can provide Heer with the utmost happiness. He promises to handle Rajwinder’s advances.

Meanwhile, Rajwinder receives a call from her lawyer, who informs her about the case hearing scheduled for 1:30. The lawyer seeks Rajwinder’s confirmation to proceed with defeating Beant Singh. Rajwinder decides to make her decision at 1 pm, hoping that Heer arrives by then. Ranjha advises Kuldeep that despite his wealth, he cannot force Heer into marriage. Rajwinder becomes anxious about Heer’s absence and desires her approval for their union. The lawyer continues to call Rajwinder, awaiting her decision.

Heer informs Kuldeep that her answer will not change from a “no” to a “yes.” She believes that talking to Kuldeep is futile and decides to personally reject Rajwinder’s proposal. Kuldeep assures Heer that he will come to pick her up on a horse. Heer requests Navjot to refrain from making any decisions until she returns home. Beant Singh hands over the lawyer’s papers, expressing his dire situation, as he has invested his entire life’s earnings into the case. Losing the case would leave him and his family homeless. The lawyer sympathizes with Beant Singh but warns Rajwinder about the possibility of his daughter getting kidnapped.

Heer rejects Rajwinder’s proposal for her marriage to Kuldeep and questions Rajwinder’s true intentions – whether she genuinely accepts Heer or simply sees her as a means to acquire their land. Navjot reminds Heer to speak politely to the guests, while Ranjha requests Navjot to allow Heer to make her own decisions. Rajwinder feigns innocence and claims that she is doing all this for Kuldeep, attempting to emotionally manipulate Heer through Navjot. Teji also praises Kuldeep and highlights the positive changes in him since meeting Heer. She urges Heer to give Kuldeep a chance. Gurmeet also tries to convince Heer to reconsider. Rajwinder suggests that if Heer agrees to the relationship later, they can proceed with the shagun ceremony; otherwise, they will return to their own address. Beant Singh returns home, contemplating the loss of the case and the impending eviction within 48 hours. The episode concludes with Beant Singh informing his family about the unfortunate outcome.


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