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Parineetii 6th December 2023 Written Update: Neeti feels jealous

Parineetii 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bebe expressing her concern to Neeti, telling her that she cannot do anything to stop the wedding. Bebe reminds Neeti that Savitri fought with the gods to bring her husband back to life. Bebe urges Neeti to use her education and skills to prevent the wedding. Neeti agrees, promising that she won’t allow Parineet to marry Sanju.

Meanwhile, Sanju apologizes to Parineet, acknowledging her pain and promising to correct his mistakes. Neeti overhears their conversation and intentionally makes Parineet fall during a dance. Sanju rushes to help her and everyone becomes worried. Neeti pretends to care for Parineet’s well-being, but Sanju sees through her jealousy and defends Parineet.

Neeti walks away, upset by Sanju’s attention towards Parineet. Bebe stops her and questions why she is leaving, even though she knows the truth about Sanju’s intentions. Bebe advises Neeti to put her ego aside and try to win Sanju’s heart. Neeti is unsure of what to do, but Bebe encourages her to fight for Sanju.

Later, Neeti discovers that her clothes are missing from Sanju’s room. Sanju confronts her, reminding her that she no longer has the right to enter his room without permission. Neeti accuses Sanju of using his wedding to Parineet as a way to make her jealous. Sanju denies this and questions if Neeti is telling the truth. He realizes that marrying Parineet to make Neeti jealous is not possible.

Parineet and Chandrika complain about Neeti’s presence, blaming her for ruining their dance performance. Neeti confronts Parineet, accusing her of being a liar just like Sanju. Neeti suggests that they go ahead and get married. Sanju intervenes, taking Neeti away and reminding her that she has no right to be there. Neeti questions if Sanju truly loved her, and he confirms his love but also expresses his respect for Parineet. Sanju explains that Neeti insulted his family, while Parineet has shown them respect. He reaffirms his decision to marry Parineet.

In the precap, Sanju challenges Neeti.

Episode end.


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