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Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 6th December 2023 Written Update: Preeti confronts Avinash

Pashminna Dhaage Mohabbat Ka 6th December 2023 Written Update on

In the latest episode, Raghav informs Preeti’s father that Pashminna has woken up and he is going to see her. Pashminna, upon waking up, asks Preeti if she is in heaven. Preeti reassures her that she is fine and they will be going home soon. Pashminna is overjoyed to see Preeti’s father, expressing her love for him. However, their happiness is short-lived when Baby arrives and informs them that finding a blood donor with Pashminna’s rare blood group is nearly impossible. Raghav dismisses Baby and Preeti, overwhelmed with emotions, leaves the room followed by her father.

Later, Pashminna confides in Raghav about her pet’s death and how Preeti had lied to her to protect her feelings. Preeti breaks down, and her father consoles her. Concerned about her condition, Pashminna asks Raghav how much time she has left. Raghav, being honest, tells her that her blood group is rare and finding a donor is challenging. He suggests that Preeti should ask her father for blood. Preeti overhears their conversation.

Meanwhile, Avinash informs Ayesha that they are returning to Mumbai. Ayesha is surprised by his sudden decision. Pashminna, however, refuses to ask Preeti’s father for help, considering him a stranger. She acknowledges Preeti’s strength and how she fought against the world for her.

Avinash is shocked to see Preeti and tries to leave. Preeti questions his intention to run away again. She demands that he donate blood to Pashminna, reminding him that Pashminna has a right to his blood. She threatens to expose their truth to everyone if he refuses. Avinash warns her about the consequences she will face, but Preeti, having faced insults before, is undeterred. She stands her ground, willing to risk her relationship with Ayesha and Raghav for Pashminna’s sake.

Pashminna tells Raghav that she believes Preeti will return with blood. However, Raghav expresses his doubts about Preeti’s determination. Pashminna struggles to breathe, while Kailash, worried about Avinash and Raghav leaving without signing the deal papers, plots his next move. In a surprising turn of events, Preeti arrives with the much-needed blood for Pashminna.

In the next episode, Raghav opens up to Pashminna about his feelings and breaks down. Avinash confronts Raghav about his feelings for Pashminna.

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