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Udaariyaan 6th December 2023 Written Update: Alia’s muh dikhai ritual

Udaariyaan 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Alia explaining to Aasmaa how she managed to control Raja. She reveals that she knew Raja had feelings for her, so she took advantage of the situation. In a flashback, it is shown how she manipulated Raja by giving him fake compliments. Once she realized that Raja was completely under her control, she took him to the temple and emotionally manipulated him into putting vermillion in her hairline. Alia laughs and tells Aasmaa that she performed her grah pravesh, which brought her immense happiness. She talks about how Aasmaa pretended to be helpless and begged Alia for help in saving Raja.

Aasmaa slaps Alia for her cheap tricks. Alia warns her that she will retaliate. She states that the weakest member of her family has become her strongest bait. Alia claims that she and Armaan were happy together until Aasmaa entered the picture. Aasmaa tells Alia that Armaan will never return to her. Alia challenges Aasmaa, saying that Armaan himself will make her leave the house. Aasmaa confidently declares that she will protect her family and her husband.

Ekam arrives, shouting for Aasmaa, questioning why she arranged a court marriage between Alia and Raja. Armaan steps in and tells Ekam that he was the one who arranged the court marriage, so he should direct his questions towards him instead of Aasmaa. Ekam asks how they could marry Alia to a child like Raja, who doesn’t even understand the meaning of marriage. Alia intervenes and asks Ekam not to say anything to Raja. She accepts the marriage as a way to atone for her sins. Raja comes and questions Ekam about why he is scolding Alia. Aasmaa calms Ekam down and tells him to ask Alia why she didn’t inform him before going to court.

Alia concocts a fake story, claiming that she did everything to keep Raja safe and prevent him from harming himself. Ekam blames Aasmaa for ruining Alia’s life. Alia cries in front of Raja, expressing how no one accepts her as the daughter-in-law of the house. She manipulates him by saying that none of the rituals Aasmaa performed for her have been done. Just then, Aasmaa enters the room with a dress and accessories for Alia’s muh dikhai ritual. She asks Raja to leave so that Alia can get ready.

Armaan notices his family members decorating the house and questions his mother if she is too happy about her new daughter-in-law. His mother explains that Aasmaa’s actions are justified as they have to accept the marriage. Armaan wonders what has happened to Aasmaa. Alia asks Aasmaa why she is creating this drama. Aasmaa replies that she understands the language of drama, and she has to do all this for a reason. She tells Alia to wait and that she will eventually understand everything. Raja compliments Alia, saying she looks very pretty, and sits beside her. Armaan’s father tells him that Aasmaa is clever and must have a reason for her actions. Armaan confronts Aasmaa about her actions, and she explains that she is trying to rectify the situation. The episode ends with Aasmaa requesting Armaan to support her plan.


Aasmaa and Armaan will try to console Raja, who is crying because he feels inadequate as his wife, Alia, is upset with him. Aasmaa will pour a bucket of water on Alia and ask her to get ready.


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