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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di Upcoming Story: How will Heer find the truth?

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Ikk Kudi Punjab Di is an entertaining show on Zee TV. In the latest episode, Kuldeep and Heer have finally gotten engaged amidst all the chaos. Kuldeep has been making efforts to show Heer his love and support. However, there is a twist with Jarnail’s past. Will Heer be able to accept Kuldeep?

In the previous episode, Heer asked Jarnail about Naina’s behavior and appearance during their last meeting. Jarnail explains that there are over 500 workers in the factory, so he doesn’t remember everyone. He allows Heer to go to the factory and inquire there. Meanwhile, Naina’s friend has a video of her getting burnt while Jarnail was present.

Naina’s friend is shocked to see the news of Heer’s marriage to Kuldeep Atwal. He decides to give the video clip to Heer so that Naina can get justice.

In the upcoming episode, Heer will apologize to Jarnail and clarify that she didn’t doubt him. Naina’s friend will secretly put the pendrive with the video clip from the incident night in Heer’s bag.

Jarnail will confront Teji for humiliating him in front of everyone and threatens to have him arrested by the police. Teji is shocked and warns Jarnail to confess if he knows anything about Naina’s case. If not, Teji will take matters into her own hands, potentially causing trouble for Jarnail.

Stay tuned to find out what happens next in the show.


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