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Imlie 14th December 2023 Written Update: Navya tells Amma ji that she is the partner of Chaudhary’s sweets.

Imlie 14th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie taking all the sweets from her friends and informing them that she will make the rest of the sweets herself. Jhani offers to help Imlie, but Imlie insists that they should also join in the work. Jhani questions how they can join when the bar has been closed by Agastya. Imlie assures Jhani that the bar is now open thanks to their brother-in-law.

Imlie overhears Agastya talking to Biswa and pleading with him not to break Shivani’s marriage as a result of his questioning. Agastya reveals that he was unaware of the deal Imlie made for the sweets. Imlie takes the phone and apologizes to Biswa, taking responsibility for the misunderstanding. Agastya lies to Imlie, claiming that he wasn’t talking to Biswa. He plays a prank on Imlie to teach her a lesson and seek revenge. Imlie learns from Agastya that everyone is waiting for them downstairs, but she decides not to believe him this time.

Agastya insists that he is not joking this time, but Imlie tells him that she is not in the mood. Agastya picks up Imlie and carries her downstairs. Shivani informs Imlie that she decided to help her when she found out that Imlie was making the sweets for her engagement. Jugnu, Dolly, and Agastya join Imlie in packing the sweets. Imlie notices that Sonali is worried and approaches her to ask where she was.

Navya asks Avi if he has met Shivani and if everything is fine at the Chaudhary Mansion. Avi reassures Navya that everything is fine and that he has met Shivani. Avi starts to suspect that something is wrong between Navya and Biswa. Navya assures Avi that it is all about their engagement preparations.

Sonali reveals to Imlie that Navya is a sleeping partner and investor in Chaudhary’s sweets. Imlie suggests that they should inform Amma Ji about this, but Sonali expresses her fear that Navya might cancel the wedding if further questioned. The next day, Imlie arrives with the delivery of the sweets and asks Navya to open the factory gates since she has delivered them on time. Imlie reveals that she knows that Navya and Biswa are the new partners of Chaudhary’s sweets.

Imlie questions Navya about why they locked the gates for them despite helping them. Navya claims that there might be some misconceptions. Biswa insists that they should not lie to Imlie and reveals that he is the silent partner. He explains that they purchased half of the share of Chaudhary’s sweets before fixing Avi’s relationship with them. Imlie suggests that they discuss this later, but Biswa emphasizes the separation of business and personal matters. Imlie tells Biswa that they have delivered all the sweets on time without the machinery and staff’s help.

Imlie informs Biswa that they are now aware of their capabilities and suggests that Navya should open the factory gates. She also suggests that Navya should attend the engagement to avoid any further misconceptions. Biswa agrees with Imlie’s suggestion and promises to do as she says. However, Navya reminds Imlie about her promise. Imlie assures Navya that she remembers her promise and now it’s their turn to fulfill it. Biswa questions Imlie’s motivation for helping the Chaudharys, considering how they accused her of stealing the bracelet and Agastya did not support her in making the sweets. Imlie explains that the Chaudharys are more like a family to her.

Navya arrives at the engagement and Amma Ji congratulates her on her son’s engagement. Navya informs Amma Ji that they have arrived earlier with good news. Biswa hands over the keys of the factory to Amma Ji. Agastya asks Biswa about the keys, and Biswa reveals that they are the silent partners of Chaudhary’s sweets. Biswa explains that they purchased all the sweets before fixing Avi’s relationship but kept business and personal matters separate. Navya informs Amma Ji that the board of directors initially wanted to shut down the factory but they convinced them otherwise.

Navya reveals that they are aware of their capabilities and have decided to keep the factory open. Amma Ji expresses her joy and gratitude for the news. Agastya thanks Biswa, but Biswa tells him to thank Imlie instead. Amma Ji learns from Biswa that Imlie delivered the sweets on time. Govind praises Imlie’s genius. Navya asks Amma Ji to check the arrangements before the guests arrive. Amma Ji asks Agastya to call Imlie. Agastya questions why Imlie is not ready and why she is making excuses to avoid the functions. Imlie tells Agastya to attend the engagement.

Agastya informs Amma Ji that Imlie is not feeling well and won’t be able to attend the engagement. Sonali hints to Agastya about the issue between Navya and Imlie. Navya compliments Shivani on her beauty. Agastya informs Shivani that he won’t be able to attend her engagement. Amma Ji questions Agastya’s decision, and he expresses his desire to ask Navya why she prevented Imlie from attending. Agastya apologizes to Navya, stating that he cannot attend the engagement if his wife is not respected.

Amma Ji asks everyone to explain what is going on. Sonali and everyone apologize to Navya and explain that they cannot attend the engagement without Imlie. Imlie is surprised to see everyone coming upstairs and refusing to attend the function without her.

Precap: Agastya sees a picture of his mother and declares that he no longer wants to see her face as she is no longer in this world.


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