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Imlie 1st December 2023 Written Update: Imlie gets to know about Bulbal’s secret

Imlie 1st December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie noticing a cycle outside the Chaudhary Mansion and getting curious about what’s happening outside. She sees Bulbul talking to her boyfriend, which surprises her. Shortly after, Imlie’s dupatta gets stuck in Agastya’s bracelet, and Pallo mami arrives with Bulbul. Both Agastya and Imlie feel shy and run away upon seeing them.

Meanwhile, Pandit ji asks for the kundali (horoscope) of Avinash and Shivani. Amma ji instructs Rajni to give the kundali, and they proceed with the preparations. However, Navya, who doesn’t believe in kundali, allows the wedding date to be fixed without it. Avi, on the other hand, carries the kundali with him as Shivani insisted. This worries Navya as Avi’s father’s name is mentioned in the kundali, which could reveal the truth to Amma ji.

Pandit ji begins reading Shivani’s kundali, mentioning her place of birth, time, father’s and mother’s names. Then he moves on to Avi’s kundali, where he reveals Avi’s father’s name as Late Tej Pratap Singh. This comes as a shock to Amma ji, Govind, and Alka. Imlie decides to leave her home with Agastya.

Bulbul runs after Imlie to thank her, but Imlie refuses to accept her gratitude. Bulbul expresses her gratitude to Agastya instead and admits that she has learned a lesson about self-respect. She mentions that she wants a partner like Agastya. Meanwhile, Navya informs Avi that his father’s name is mentioned in the kundali but suggests using the name Manoj Singh instead. Amma ji becomes upset upon hearing the name Tej Pratap Singh and seems to remember something.

Pandit ji provides an auspicious time for the wedding in December, and Navya agrees to it, seeking Amma ji’s permission. Amma ji has no objections and asks Rajni to serve sweets to everyone. Agastya and Imlie arrive at the Chaudhary Mansion, where Agastya asks Imlie if she’s still thinking about Bulbul. Imlie explains that while she appreciates Bulbul’s respect, she believes Bulbul deserves true love, not a contractual marriage.

Later, Imlie accidentally bumps into Shivani, and Karam receives a random call but ignores it. Shivani inquires about her sister, and Agastya asks about the auspicious wedding time. Shivani reveals that the time has been set for one month and Imlie congratulates her. Karam receives another call, claiming it’s a spam call, but it turns out to be from Bulbul. Amma ji informs Agastya that Navya knows about Shivani and Imlie, but they remain unaware of Navya’s background.

Navya explains to Avi that he goes by the name Manoj Singh because that’s how his father was known. She advises him to rest, and Amma ji expresses her curiosity about Navya and her son, wanting to know more about them. However, Navya and Biswa decide to keep their information hidden from the Chaudharys. Agastya assures Amma ji that he will provide all the necessary information about Navya.

Jugnu informs Agastya that Biswa has arrived to meet him. Everyone notices a sketch of a mysterious person and asks Imlie if she can identify them. Biswa explains that the sketch resembles Chandu, a dangerous killer who wears a mask. Biswa asks Imlie if she recognizes the person, but she says she hasn’t seen them recently. However, she remembers encountering the person in the past. Agastya wakes up everyone and asks Shivani to show Imlie something.

Shivani takes Imlie to the decorated hall, where they used to sleep as a group after watching a horror movie. They tease Agastya, and Karam offers to take Shivani away for privacy. Imlie asks Agastya about Sonali, and he reveals that she is a bit stressed but will join the party. Karam receives another call, but it’s actually from Bulbul. Imlie goes to Sonali and convinces her to join the party, assuring her that it won’t be complete without her.

Sonali agrees and walks away with Imlie. Imlie notices Bulbul’s cycle outside the house and realizes that Karam is Bulbul’s boyfriend. She starts worrying about Bulbul and Karam.


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