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Imlie 29th November 2023 Written Update: Happiness in Chaudhary Mansion:

Imlie 29th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Agastya questioning Imlie about sending a detective to find her sister. Imlie responds by telling Agastya that he is acting like a detective himself. Agastya then asks if there is any problem she wants to discuss, but Imlie assures him that she can handle things on her own.

Imlie notices Amma ji lost in thought and decides to ask her about it. Amma ji reveals that she is considering telling Navya about Imlie, but she is afraid that it will have consequences for Shivani. Imlie advises against betraying anyone and gives the example of Bhagwan Vishnu and Vrinda. Shivani anxiously waits for Avi while Rajni advises her not to say anything about Avi being her husband. Amma ji expresses her desire to tell Navya about Imlie’s past profession and asks Karam, Shivani, Agastya, and Sonali to decide what to say to Navya.

Biswa urges Avi to get ready quickly and notices that Navya seems lost in thought. Avi asks Navya if she is not ready for the Puja. Navya explains that she is not feeling well and insists that Avi attend the Puja. Biswa suggests that Avi attend the Puja and promises to bring his mother if she feels better. Navya confronts Biswa about hiding the fact that Imlie used to work in a bar.

Imlie confesses to everyone that she used to work in a bar, just like others have their own jobs in normal life. She tells Shivani to make the decision. Shivani responds by saying that she has no problem if Imlie tells Navya about her past work. Amma ji then decides to tell the truth to Navya after the Puja. Navya questions Biswa about why he hid the information about Imlie being a bar girl from her.

Avi arrives at Chaudhary mansion to attend the Puja. Amma ji asks him why he is alone and where his mother is. Avi explains that his mother is unwell and suggests they start the Puja without her. He assures Amma ji that she can join them later if she feels better. Amma ji asks Navya to hold the chunni, but Navya removes Avinash’s hand from it. Navya reveals to Amma ji that she didn’t come to attend the Puja, but rather to take her son back because they hid something from her.

Navya informs Amma ji that despite Biswa’s police intel, Avi knew the truth. She also reveals that she found out from others that Imlie used to work in a bar. Imlie defends Navya by stating that it’s not Amma ji’s fault. Amma ji tells Imlie to stop taking blame for others. She apologizes to Navya and explains that they were planning to tell her the truth after the Puja. Navya expresses her lack of trust in them and asks for time to think. She refuses to participate in the Puja with her son. Biswa agrees with Navya, stating that they should not have hidden this information.

Amma ji tells Rajni that she should have informed Navya about Imlie earlier to avoid this situation. Shivani argues with Avi and asks him to handle her mother while expressing that she has no problem with Imlie. Agastya takes the phone and advises Avi to calm down. He assures Imlie that no one’s head is down because of her and tells her to stop blaming herself. Agastya tries to console Imlie, but she walks away.

Avi tells Navya that Shivani told him that his mother is not wrong, but Shivani’s family was about to reveal the truth to them. The doorbell rings, and Biswa opens the gate to find Imlie standing there. Biswa tells Avi to go inside the room. Navya sees Imlie and tells her that she doesn’t need any explanation. Imlie clarifies that she is not there to explain, but to admit that she used to work in a bar.

Imlie tells Navya that she can’t change the fact and that her family is good. She considers herself lucky to have a family like them, who accepted her even after learning about her past. Imlie asks Navya not to punish the family for her mistake. Navya expresses her worry about her relatives recognizing Imlie at the wedding. Imlie assures Navya that she will handle it and asks her not to worry.

Amma ji receives a call from Navya, who informs her that she will be coming in the evening to proceed with the wedding formalities. Amma ji admits that they were planning to tell the truth about Imlie to Navya. Sonali asks Jugnu to bring ladoo, and everyone is delighted to hear the news. Imlie notices everyone’s happiness and dances with joy.

Agastya realizes that Imlie is not in the room and tries to call her, but her phone is inside. He asks Rajni about Imlie’s whereabouts, but she hasn’t seen her since yesterday afternoon. Agastya searches for Imlie and finds her talking to Shivani. Imlie tells Shivani that she will be back soon. Agastya asks Shivani where Imlie is going, and she replies that she is going to meet her sister. Agastya offers to accompany her, but Imlie insists on going alone. However, she realizes that her bicycle has a puncture.

In the precap, Imlie tells Agastya that she is upset with him and doesn’t want to attend the function. She tells him that he and his family only care about earning money for her.


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