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Imlie 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Agastya proposes Imlie

Imlie 2nd December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie see Karam and Bulbul hugs each and every alternative and Imlie thank you Radha Rani that their combat is over.
Agastya,Karam,Sonali and Shivani are about to diversion simply next Imlie comes and tells them that they are able to’t diversion with none gossiping along with her. Imlie turns at the brightness and tells everyone that she needs to play games a sport with. Sonali and Shivani asks Imlie about which sport. Imlie tells them that she needs to play games reality and dare with them and Imlie has organise this sport. Shivani tells she have heard about this sport. Agastya tells Shivani that the entire global know this sport as reality and dare however Imlie has trade it right into a desi identify. So all of them begins enjoying passing the pillow sport by which Agastya will get first prospect to make a choice reality and dare. Shivani asks Agastya that what he needs to do. Agastya select to do dare. Shivani tells Agastya to function Imlie to marry him.

Karam tells Agastya to get up and Shivani tells Imlie to get up reverse him. Shivani tells Agastya that his one knees can be i’m sick era purposing Imlie. Agastya do what Shivani tells him. Agastya tells Imlie to marry him. Imlie tells Agastya that she don’t know english. Agastya next function Imlie in hindi next Imlie tells him that it seems like he’s short of part kg sugar . Imlie tells Agastya to get up another way his knees will ache and she or he walks away however Agastya holds Imlie’s hand.

Agastya drags Imlie on himself and holds her. Agastya sees Imlie’s visions and specific his emotions to Imlie. Agastya tells that he likes when she teases him . Agastya asks Imlie to stick with for saath janam and request her to marry him. Imlie holds Agastya’s hand and settle for to the purposal. Everybody claps for Agastya. Agastya tells Imlie that he’s a consultant. The sport resumes and this future Karam will get a prospect to just accept reality or dare. Karam select reality. Imlie tells Karam that she needs to asks a reality from him. Karam permits Imlie to mention. Imlie asks karam that he’s 10 years used than Agastya and why he’s nonetheless single. Karam tells Imlie that he likes a lady and shortly he’s going to marry that woman. Imlie needs to look the image of that image. Karam presentations everybody the image and tells them that the lady identify is Yashvi. Imlie sees that that image of various woman and Imlie turns into dissatisfied.

Within the upcoming time Bulbul screams Imlie and tells her that for the primary future she likes what Imlie recommendation her to do. Bulbul tells Imlie that utmost evening she went to fulfill her boyfriend. Bulbul tells Imlie that she Haas cleared the whole thing along with her boyfriend. Imlie trys to give an explanation for Bulbul however Bulbul tells Imlie that she goes communicate along with her boyfriend now.

Agastya will get a choice from his legal professional and Agastya learns from legal professional that Biswa have an ancestral house is Puwaiya. Agastya is stunned to listen to about Biswa’s ancestral house. Agastya tells his legal professional to substantiate once more. Imlie collides with Agastya. Imlie asks Agastya that he is aware of about Karam’s female friend previous. Agastya tells Imlie that he learns from Karam in regards to the woman and Karam loves him so he didn’t cover the rest to Dhruv.
Agastya comes to fulfill Biswa and he asks without delay to Navya that they misinform them that they’re fresh in Purwaiya however they’ve an ancestral house right here.

Imlie asks Karam about his female friend Yashvi. Karam tells Imlie that he likes Yashvi from an extended future . Imlie asks Karam next why he’s dishonest with Bulbul. Karam will get stunned to understand that Imlie is conscious. Rajni hears the dialog and tells Imlie that Karam is dishonest her sister.

Agastya tells Biswa that they haven’t tells them about their ancestral house in Puwaiya. Navya tells Agastya that Biswa’s father worn to come back Purwaiya for his paintings . Navya tells Agastya that she has come Purwaiya together with her sons for the primary future. Navya asks Agastya to sit down however Agastya walks away. Navya tells Biswa that Agastya and community has get started doubting them.

Agastya sees that automotive is puncture and he sees an image of Imlie in his automotive glass.
Amma ji asks Rajni that what she is listening to. Rajni tells Amma ji that she needs to understand from Imlie why she is blaming Karam for dishonest her sister. Agastya tells Imlie that Karam has instructed them the day past about Yashvi. Imlie tells Agastya that she used to be asking Karam to marry Bulbul. Imlie tells Agastya that she noticed Karam and Bulbul. Shivani tells Imlie that she may have false impression.

Amma ji asks Karam to reply to Imlie. Karam tells Imlie that he don’t know her sister. Imlie tells Karam that she has noticed either one of them utmost evening. Karam tells Imlie that he don’t her sister and why will she name him. Karam presentations Imlie his telephone. Amma ji tells Imlie to recognize Karam as his elder brother. Rajni tells Imlie to block blaming Karam. Alka tells Imlie that she and her sister is polluting the situation. Agastya tells everybody to recreation as a result of he’s going to name Bulbul to deliver the reality infront.

Pallo and Bulbul involves Chaudhary mansion. Pallo asks Amma ji that why she screams them. Amma ji tells Pallo that she needs to asks one thing from Bulbul. Amma ji asks Bulbul that she is aware of Karam. Govind asks Bulbul to tells the obviously. Bulbul tells everybody that she don’t know Karam. Imlie tells Bulbul that she is lieing and she or he don’t know Karam. Bulbul will get subconscious. Imlie tells Pallo that physician is trying out Bulbul. Agastya takes Imlie in his room and tells her to complete the subject. Agastya locked Imlie within the room

Precap-Pallo learns from physician that Bulbul is pregnant.


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