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Imlie 30th November 2023 Written Update: Agastya rescues Bulbul

Imlie 30th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Agastya expressing his concern to Imlie about her safety and insists on accompanying her to meet Billo. Taking her hand, he leads her to his car. During the ride, Agastya inquires about Bulbul’s health, to which Imlie replies that she is unwell. Agastya promises to send his family doctor to check on Bulbul, but Imlie assures him that a head massage will suffice to make her feel better.

Upon reaching home, Agastya instructs Imlie to go meet Bulbul. However, Imlie walks slowly, indicating her disappointment with him. Agastya acknowledges her upset and tells her that she can fight with him if it helps. He assures her that he is making an effort to understand her. Imlie recalls her promise to Navya, where she vowed not to attend the marriage as it could tarnish Navya’s reputation. Navya accepts Imlie’s request to keep their conversation confidential.

Agastya acknowledges Imlie’s right to be upset with him but reminds her that Shivani and Amma ji wish for her presence at the wedding. Imlie emphasizes that this is a contractual marriage and that her loyalty lies with her own family, not Agastya’s. She clarifies that she only sees his family as a means of earning a living. Agastya initially walks away, but then returns to tell Imlie that she doesn’t have to attend the function, but asks her not to go anywhere either.

Meanwhile, Pallo opens the door and sees Imlie. Confused, she asks Imlie about Agastya’s whereabouts. Imlie informs Pallo that he has left. Pallo then inquires about Bulbul, but Imlie admits that she doesn’t know where she is. Pallo reveals that Bulbul went to the Chaudhary Mansion for the function, but Imlie denies this and suggests that Bulbul may have gone to meet her boyfriend.

Agastya meets with Imlie’s friend, who informs him that Bulbul is in danger. He rushes to Imlie’s home with her friends to rescue Bulbul.

Meanwhile, Navya confesses to Biswa that she couldn’t prevent Imlie from attending Avi’s marriage without his help. Biswa apologizes for not informing Navya about Imlie earlier. Navya reminds Biswa that his father was also innocent, but asserts that Imlie is their enemy, just like the Chaudharys. She vows not to allow any girl to interfere with her plans.

Imlie arrives just in time to prevent Bulbul from jumping into a well. Bulbul expresses her despair, feeling unloved and disrespected. Agastya tells Bulbul that her actions won’t solve anything and that her family will suffer more from her loss than her boyfriend. Bulbul questions how she can earn respect, and Imlie assures her that they will find a solution together.

In the meantime, Navya and Biswa arrive at the Chaudhary Mansion to complete the wedding formalities. Amma ji informs them that Imlie and Agastya have gone to visit Imlie’s sister.

Later, Pallo is relieved to see Bulbul back and playfully chases her. Agastya and Imlie follow them. Agastya discovers Imlie’s personal diary and begins reading it. Despite Imlie’s attempts to stop him, he continues reading and discovers some qualities she admires about him. Agastya expresses his gratitude for the compliments and realizes that Imlie has feelings for him. As they struggle for the diary, they accidentally fall onto the bed, experiencing a special moment between them.

In the preview, Bulbul thanks Agastya for saving her, and Amma ji learns about Navya’s family.


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