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Imlie 4th December 2023 Written Update: Imlie gets an allegations for the stealing a gold bracelet

Imlie 4th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Rajni tells Imlie that she is truly dissatisfied her and she will get ready numerous scrumptious dishes however she might not be happy together with her. Agastya tells Jugnu to whisk the menu from Amma ji. Govind tells Agastya that Amma ji is not going to come.
Agastya involves Amma ji and tells her to mounted the menu. Amma ji tells Agastya that he’s answerable for all this since the ache he has given her will all the time remind of Dhanraj. Amma ji tells Agastya to advance as a result of she don’t need to see him. Agastya tells Amma ji that she will beat him for his mistake however he can advance some distance with out Amma ji. Agastya apologies however Amma ji tells Agastya that her middle is damaged and tells him to shed.

Agastya feels ache of what Amma ji tells him . Imlie involves Agastya and tries to consoles him. Agastya gets rid of Imlie’s hand from his shoulder.
Sonali will get a choice from Amrit bemut she disconnects his name.
Avi comes to accommodate and meet Sonali. Avi learns from Sonali that Imlie might not be to be had in lunch and request him to not ask him about Imlie infront of everybody. Avi tells Sonali that he needs to tells Shivani that Imlie has promised his mom that she is not going to attend the wedding. Sonali is trauma to listen to what Avi tells her.

Agastya tells Imlie that it his fault and he needs to fortify. Agastya takes Imlie in his room and offers her cash for attending each moment. Agastya insults Imlie and throw the cash in Imlie’s face. Agastya tells Imlie to whisk the storehouse and tells her to whisk the cash from the storehouse when she wishes however don’t build any scene in his area with the people. Imlie unearths a separation papers and he or she asks Agastya that he have already makes the separation papers nearest why he’s inquiring for clarification. Agastya tells Imlie that she will upload too much cash within the assurance and then Shivani’s marriage their contractual marriage might be finish. Rajni tells Agastya to come back ill as a result of Navya ji has arrived. Imlie tells Agastya to the keys again as a result of she depends of her success. Agastya tells Imlie disagree to come back ill until Navya aunty is going again.

Navya tells Amma ji that inspite of the auspicious presen is then 1 occasion however they arrive to fulfill their daughter in regulation. Amma ji tells Navya that it’s her peace that they are going to involves their house. Amma ji apologies Navya for enquiring about them. Navya tells Amma that its their proper to investigate about their daughter in-laws. Navya presents a diamond necklace to Ranji. Navya provides a ancestral bracelet to Shivani and tells her to put on it at the marriage ceremony. Shivani sees that the field is deserted. Shivani tells Navya that the field is deserted and Navya will get stunned since the bracelet used to be 15 Lakh virtue. Govind tells Navya to quiet ill they’re going to in finding the bracelet. Alka tells Sonali that Imlie has stolen the bracelet however Sonali denies to just accept.

Imlie learns from Alka that her room might be test and doubts Imlie that she has stolen the bracelet. Imlie asks Amma ji that she additionally indecision that she is going to stole the bracelet. Agastya assessments the storehouse and room however he’s not able to search out the bracelet.
Biswa reminds of the candy reminiscences of his brother in the home.

Shivani tells Imlie to go back again the bracelet and tells her to not interupt her marriage ceremony. Sonali tells Shivani that she don’t have the theory what Imlie does for her.
Karam will get a choice from Bulbul . Karam receives the decision and tells her that he can’t communicate together with her now. Bulbul tells Karam that she needs to get married with him and he or she refuses to recognise him on his request because of that Imlie is dealing with numerous insults.

Imlie tells Sonali to not inform the rest to Shivani. Sonali tells Shivani that Navya used to be now not able for her marriage however Imlie requests Navya and assurance her that she is not going to attend Shivani’s marriage. Jungu comes and tells Sonali that he has in finding the bracelet in Navya ji some other field. Shivani apologies Imlie and tells her she is going to tells Agastya to apologise her.

Precap-Agastya tells Imlie to signal the separation papers and leaves then Shivani’s marriage.


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