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Imlie 6th December 2023 Written Update: Imlie makes a plan

Imlie 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Imlie asking Karam about his girlfriend, Yashvi. Imlie suggests that Karam should invite Yashvi to their home. She expresses her desire for Karam to get married soon. Karam appreciates Imlie’s concern but states that he is not yet ready for marriage. However, Govind agrees with Imlie and sees no harm in inviting Yashvi. Shivani also insists on meeting Yashvi. Karam explains that Yashvi cannot come because she has exams. Amma ji urges Karam to make it happen, as she does not want him to repeat Agastya’s mistake. She wants to meet Yashvi before making a decision.

Amma ji insists that Karam should ask Yashvi to come and meet her that day. Imlie walks away, but Karam stops her. He tells Imlie that he trusted her and wants her to tell the truth. Imlie admits that she broke his trust and only wanted a fake girlfriend to introduce to his family. Imlie gives Karam two options: either tell the truth about Bulbul or let the family meet Yashvi.

Biswa finds a mysterious mask under his car and brings it home. Navya questions Biswa’s motive for wanting to save Imlie. Biswa explains that it’s his duty to protect her. He believes that Imlie’s life is in danger since joining the Chaudhary family and suspects a connection between Imlie and the Chaudharys in the past.

Sonali and Shivani visit Imlie. Imlie shares her observation of a barrier between Amma ji and Agastya recently. She expresses her desire to break that barrier and seeks advice from Sonali and Shivani. Shivani admits she doesn’t have any ideas, and Sonali suggests that Imlie find a way herself. Sonali believes that Chaudhary Sweets will be the key to bringing Agastya and Amma ji together. Imlie asks Agastya for the ladoo recipe from Chaudhary Sweets. Agastya questions her motive, and she explains that she wants to make the special ladoo for Karam’s girlfriend.

Agastya offers to order from their shop, but Imlie insists on making it herself to serve the guests. She asks Agastya to arrange food, water, and a separate area for himself. Agastya agrees to give her the recipe but only if she answers his questions about her past. Imlie refuses to share anything and Agastya refuses to give her the recipe. They have a playful argument, and Imlie reveals that she doesn’t know much about her parents, except that they left her in a basket in the river. Agastya doubts her story, but Imlie shares that an aunty took her home and cared for her for a few years. Agastya insists on meeting this aunty and Imlie reveals she has a photo of her in her suitcase.

Imlie, Sonali, and Shivani gather all the ingredients to make the ladoo in front of Amma ji. Sonali asks Imlie if she ordered the materials, and Imlie reveals her plan to make the Chaudhary special ladoo for Karam’s girlfriend. However, she intentionally adds the wrong ingredients to grab Amma ji’s attention. Agastya notices Amma ji watching Imlie’s mistake and rushes to stop her. Amma ji tells Imlie to stop arguing with Agastya and leave if she doesn’t know how to make the ladoo. Agastya takes over, but Imlie interrupts him. Eventually, Amma ji allows Agastya to make the ladoo. Imlie, Sonali, and Shivani are pleased to see Amma ji and Agastya together. Amma ji asks Agastya to taste the ladoo and forgives him. Imlie confesses that she is the culprit, not Agastya, and requests Amma ji to forgive him. Amma ji reveals that her resentment stems from her past. Agastya gets emotional upon hearing about his father and brother and gives Amma ji a box from his cupboard. Amma ji asks about the box, and Agastya explains that it represents his past, which is not important to him, but she is. He apologizes, and Amma ji questions why he kept a photo of his mom if his past doesn’t matter. Agastya decides to burn the box, showing that he values his relationship with Amma ji over his past. He tells Imlie that the box is unimportant, but his Amma ji is essential to him. Agastya admits that he cannot live without Amma ji.

In the upcoming episode, Agastya informs Karam that his sister-in-law is coming to meet them. However, Karam reveals that Yashvi couldn’t get the tickets that day. Govind suggests asking Yashvi to bring her parents along. Meanwhile, Imlie learns from Bulbul that someone has visited their home in their absence.


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