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Jhanak 15th December 2023 Written Update: Jhanak is asked to join the party

Jhanak 15th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with a conversation between Arshi and Shristi regarding Anirudh and Jhanak. Shristi, who is Arshi’s mother, doesn’t want Jhanak in their house because she believes that Jhanak will bring danger. Shristi insists that Jhanak should be removed from the family. However, Arshi advises against making any hasty decisions as it may anger Anirudh.

In Anirudh’s house, they gather around the breakfast table and discuss various things. Apu’s mother arranges the breakfast while Jhanak helps in different ways. Jhanak is treated like a maid and is given orders to follow. Despite feeling upset, Jhanak obediently follows the family’s instructions. She is asked to go to the roof to collect the dried clothes, but she notices that they are not completely dry. She hangs them up again to dry properly. Meanwhile, Anirudh gets ready for work and has a romantic conversation with Arshi.

Anirudh realizes the impact of his rude behavior towards Jhanak and decides to apologize to her. However, Jhanak doesn’t remain silent and introduces herself emphatically as the servant. Despite enduring insults from the family, Jhanak continues to follow their orders like a mad person. She forbids Anirudh from apologizing to her, stating that it’s not right to apologize to a maid. Anirudh feels sorry for her.

Chhoton treats all the younger members of the family to celebrate his job success. They plan to go to Chinatown in the evening and invite Anirudh and Arshi to join them. Arshi initially has other plans, but Vishakha insists that she join them. Later, Anirudh starts coughing, and Jhanak immediately rushes to give him a glass of water. However, she is insulted by the evil family members and told to stay within her limits.

In Apu’s room, Jhanak is asked to help Apu get ready perfectly. Jhanak doesn’t want to go, but Apu insists. However, Jhanak is well aware of the consequences if she attends the party.

The episode ends.

Precap: The other family members are hesitant to let Jhanak join them at the party, but Apu, Anirudh, and Chhoton insist. At the gathering, Jhanak fails to follow table etiquette and accidentally spills food on Anirudh’s shirt, causing embarrassment.


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