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Jhanak Upcoming Story: Anirudha to marry Jhanak?

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Jhanak is a popular TV show on Star Plus that is about to take a major twist in the upcoming episodes. Jhanak is devastated to discover that her mother, Urvashi, has passed away, but nobody knows the cause of her death. Meanwhile, Tejas, who is infatuated with Jhanak, decides to kidnap her when she refuses to marry him. Rahul asks Anirudh for help, and he arrives at Tejas’ palace to rescue Jhanak.

In the latest episode, Rukmini disguises herself as a bride, confusing Tejas. During this chaos, Jhanak manages to escape from the palace. Tejas stops her, but her face is hidden behind a veil, so he mistakes her for Rukmini. He scolds her for disobeying him, giving Jhanak an opportunity to run away. Rahul and Anirudh save her life, but they are unsure where to keep her for the night. Jhanak seeks shelter in a village, but nobody is willing to take the risk of helping her. Later, Tejas unveils the bride’s face and realizes that Rukmini has betrayed him.

In the next episode, Anirudh will be compelled to marry Jhanak to protect her from Tejas’ harm. The wedding preparations begin, even though Anirudh initially refuses to marry Jhanak. However, Jhanak insists on marrying him but promises not to claim any rights as his wife. Meanwhile, Tejas files a complaint against Jhanak at the police station.

How will Jhanak fight against Tejas? Find out in the upcoming episodes of Keh Doon Tumhe. Stay tuned for more updates on your favorite shows.

Also, don’t miss the chance to witness Vandana pursuing her passion and fulfilling her dreams. Keep following us for more updates on your favorite shows.


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