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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th December 2023 Written Update: Amrita faces humiliation in the Ahuja house

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The latest episode begins with Harsh confronting Jayesh and sarcastically complimenting him on his acting skills. Harsh then proceeds to explain to the crowd how Jayesh is dating a girl who is the same age as his daughter.

Babaji predicts that Virat’s future wife will bring happiness to his family. Virat expresses his gratitude to Babaji for his prediction and asks about Nimrit and Rajiv’s future. Babaji advises Virat not to blame himself for the past and encourages him to move forward in life. Babaji blesses the Ahuja family.

Harsh gets into an argument with Jayesh, while Ishika makes a comment about Amrita, stating that she is acting overly nice in front of everyone. Ishika notices the Ahuja family approaching and forcefully grabs Amrita’s hand, instructing her to let go. Ishika pretends to be pushed by Amrita and falls into a dustbin, causing trash to fall on Virat. Amrita apologizes to Virat and tries to clean him up, but he refuses her help.

Ishika accuses Amrita of pushing her into the dustbin, which prompts Virat’s father to tell Virat to clean himself up. Virat complies and leaves the scene.

Babita gets into an argument with Amrita’s family and insults them, calling them thieves. Harsh tells Babita to be quiet, but she becomes upset and raises her hand at him. Harsh grabs Babita’s hand, causing her to cry out for help. Virat punches Harsh and confronts him.

Amrita clarifies with Virat that Babita initiated the physical altercation and Harsh was just defending himself. Amrita also makes a remark about the Ahuja family.

Jahan comments on Amrita’s family, stating that Bhavani never considered her a friend because she didn’t speak up during the situation. Bhavani expresses her disappointment, as she had hoped that Jayesh would realize his mistake, but everything fell apart, and she lost everything. Harsh criticizes Jayesh for leaving them on the road, thinking it would have been better if he had stayed and completed his last year. Amrita reassures everyone that Jayesh’s studies will not be affected and that she will take care of everything. Bhavani asks Amrita how she plans to do that, to which Amrita responds that she will figure it out.

Amrita goes to the Ahuja house and apologizes to Virat, begging him to give her job back. Deepika makes a comment about Amrita, mentioning that Jayesh kicked her out of his house. Amrita faces humiliation in the Ahuja house.

Amrita asks Virat to give her job back, but Babita warns Virat not to be fooled by Amrita. Virat assures his family that he will not be deceived again and suggests that Amrita should find a wealthy man to marry in order to solve her financial problems. Amrita leaves the house feeling devastated. In the park, she contemplates how she has lost everything.

And that’s how the episode concludes.


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