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Keh Doon Tumhein 17th November 2023 Written Update: The marriage of Vikrant and Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein 17th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with dialog between Kirti and Puru. The extreme requests Katha to put on his favourit bungles and respects her stunning glance. Nearest a generation, Madhuri is going to the within reach temple with Puru. Nearest departure of Madhuri, her nailpolish falls from the hand of Kirti, which turns out very ominous to her. She in an instant shouts Vikrant who suggests her to whip the lengthy breath. Vikrant cuts i’m sick her stress and generalizes her stress. As their marriage is taking park very quickly, Kirti turns into extra tensed. Vikrant makes her realise how a lot notable she is. Kirti additionally guarantees that she won’t shed the aspect of Virkant now not for a unmarried era. They each may just’t fathom that their marriage is in the long run taking park. Pronouncing ” I really like you” to each and every alternative, Virkant requests Kirti to come back out for as soon as in order that he may just stare at her.

To book the request of Virkant, Kriti comes out together with her superb and lavish create up. The glorifying presense of Katha, Vikrant has losts his phrases to talk. The entire individuals will get so satisfied, Madhuri recites a poem for them. After the couple are requested to replace their ultimate ring, in order that the wedding might be finished. All of them walk in opposition to the temple. When alternative population individuals advance to the temple to prayer the almighty within the temple, Vikrant losts his cell phone inside of a couple of seconds. When he searches for the cell phone, he feels any individual spooky. On this period in-between, Dev assaults Virkant with a revolver which completely traumas him.

Right here, Kirti doesn’t to find the jhumka in the beginning, and in any case getting again her ear rings, Kirti because of the almighty. All of sudden, she hears the tone of a gun hearth, which makes her totally stunned. In the beginning she thinks that this tone on account of hearth crackers. Forward, Virkant is attacked by way of Dev along with his gun. Vikrant shoots at him however the bullet doesn’t contact Dev. The extreme desires to end up Vikrant because the assassin of the ones deceased folks, they each beat each and every alternative like a canine. Dev couldn’t isolated himself from the clutches of Vikrant. He beats Dev like a mosquito and makes him aware. Vikrant confesses that he himself has killed all the ones folk.

The heating of Vikrant makes Dev critically broken. He additionally indicators that the entire panchghati will come to find out about this sinful face possibly sooner. Vikrant will get extra angry and beats him extra. Dev warns him that he himself will tell Vikrant however Vikrant won’t give him the prospect to be on one?s feet up in his personal legs. He kills Dev and turns into exhausted.

Episode ends.

Precap : when Vikrant might be exhausted next killing Dev, he’ll be take a seat beside the lifeless frame. Being drained he couldn’t ready to cover the lifeless frame of Dev. However on this period in-between, Kirti will set in there and can seek for Vikrant. She’s going to thunderstrucked to peer Vikrant sitting by way of the lifeless frame of Dev. Although, Virkant will aim to cover his crime, however he’ll now not ready to cover the reality from Kirti this age.


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