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Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Update: Krishna has a bad impression of Purvi’s fiance

Kumkum Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

The episode begins with Purvi questioning Ashutosh about what just happened. Ashutosh explains that he brought her to check the rooms. He asks if she thinks he is jealous of Rajvansh. Purvi admits that it’s a possibility. Ashutosh then requests Purvi to trust him, and she agrees.

Ashutosh approaches the receptionist and asks to book a banquet hall. The receptionist promises to check the availability.

Purvi spots Krishna and approaches him. Krishna expresses his disappointment that Purvi didn’t invite him to her engagement. Purvi assumed he wouldn’t come due to his busy schedule. Meanwhile, Ashutosh grows impatient with the receptionist’s slow response regarding the room booking. He complains to Purvi about it. Despite Purvi’s attempts to calm him down, Ashutosh doesn’t allow her to speak. Purvi introduces Ashutosh as her fiance to Krishna. Krishna advises Ashutosh to go and speak to the receptionist. He also questions Purvi’s choice and warns her against marrying Ashutosh, believing he isn’t the right guy for her. Purvi defends Ashutosh, stating that Krishna doesn’t know him well enough to make such judgments. Krishna, however, believes that one look is enough for him to form an opinion at his age. Purvi goes to handle Ashutosh.

Krishna decides to speak to Purvi’s parents and express his concerns about Ashutosh not being the right match. He calls Purvi’s house landline and asks to talk to her mother, Divya. However, he is surprised when Prachi answers the phone. Visakha eventually takes the call and speaks with Krishna. Krishna realizes he may be overthinking and tells Visakha about his reservations regarding Ashutosh. Visakha asks Krishna not to interfere in their family matters and ends the call.

Dadaji brings the entire family to Dadi. Dadi complains to everyone about Dadaji flirting with her on the road.

Bina tries to find out if Prachi has any negative opinions about Ashutosh after the incident from the previous day, but Prachi defends him, saying she understands him.

Prachi and Bina are shown buying vegetables at the market. Krishna also arrives at the market and gets out of his car to observe them.

The episode ends.


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