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Doree 6th December 2023 Written Update: Neelu strikes a deal with Mansi

Doree 6th December 2023 Written Update on
The latest episode of Doree begins with Neelu questioning Ganga Prasad about the bracelet for Doree. Ganga Prasad explains that it was brought by Doree’s parents. This revelation surprises Neelu as she realizes that Doree is Kailash Devi’s granddaughter. Neelu then contacts Mansi to share the information she has gathered. Neelu reveals that she is not searching for a thief, but for her missing daughter. Mansi asks Neelu to meet her at the temple to discuss further details. Excited by the news, Mansi believes that her daughter is alive and well, trusting that God will protect her. Meanwhile, Neelu realizes that she had underestimated Ganga Prasad and his daughter, as they seem willing to help her in her search.

Later, while Ganga Prasad and Doree are sleeping, a thief enters their house and kidnaps Doree. Ganga Prasad wakes up, notices what has happened, and chases after the thief. To his surprise, he sees that the thief resembles himself. Ganga Prasad questions his conscience as to why he returned. His conscience explains that he came back to return Doree to her rightful parents. Ganga Prasad insists that Doree is his daughter, but his conscience reminds him of his broken promises and mistreatment towards her. Feeling remorseful, Ganga Prasad wakes up from his dream and searches for Doree.

He finds Doree advising and motivating the people of the Basti. Ganga Prasad reflects on his conscience’s words, realizing that he has not been a good father to her. Doree notices his presence and offers to help him create a new design. Ganga Prasad, however, tells her not to touch the handloom and insists that she should play with toys like other children. He urges her to go to school.

Doree insists that she is only trying to help, but Ganga Prasad rejects her assistance, fearing that her work will lead to his demise. Doree reassures him and promises not to touch the handloom again, agreeing to go to school. They share a heartfelt moment as Doree hugs her father. Meanwhile, Mansi is determined to find her daughter and shower her with love. Kailash Devi welcomes Komal and expresses her eagerness to meet her grandson. Mansi plans to meet Neelu secretly, but Komal grows suspicious and follows her.

Ganga Prasad is shocked to learn that the school fees amount to 70k. He assures the peon that he will arrange the money. Doree realizes that her father needs to work hard to earn her school fees. Mansi is determined to uncover the truth about her daughter and prevent her from being separated from her again. Komal, suspicious of Mansi’s true intentions, decides to find out the truth herself. Neelu arrives and shares the information with Mansi that her daughter was taken by someone six years ago. She advises Mansi not to reveal this information to anyone. Neelu believes that she must inform Anand about his daughter and asks him to meet her at the temple.

And that’s how the episode ends. Plus, Komal gives birth to a baby girl.


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