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Chand Jalne Laga 6th December 2023 Written Update: Malik fumes with rage

Chand Jalne Laga 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Arjun greeting Malik, who tells him that he was feeling fine just a few minutes ago but now feels uncomfortable. Arjun acknowledges that Tara was right about Malik. He explains that he came to give something to Tara, who had organized a feast in his honor. Tara thanks Malik in a thank you card and places it on a bouquet. She calls Farvari to inform her about the feast and asks her to attend, but Farvari declines, stating that she is not available. Tara notices Arjun’s presence and he reminds her that she had forgotten something. He informs her that he met her boss. Tara proceeds to serve the food on the table, and Malik arrives. Tara tells him that she knew he loves Indian food, which is why she cooked it all for him. Arjun teases Tara in front of Malik, who dislikes it and questions Tara’s decision to bring her guest to his Haveli for a party.

Tara clarifies that Malik has misunderstood the situation, as Arjun is her friend. She wanted to thank him for his help, which she believes cannot be expressed in words alone. Arjun offers to do a free check-up on Malik, but Malik insists that he does not like free things and tells Arjun to leave. He calls Vasant Kakka and asks him to bring food for him. Tara informs Malik that Vasant Kakka is not at home, and she brought the food for him, so she thought it would be a waste to cook again. Malik becomes angry and pushes the tablecloth off the table, shocking Tara.

Malik questions Tara about why she arranged everything and on what grounds. He reminds her that he has spoken to her politely three times and warns her not to take advantage of him. He clarifies that she is not his friend but his boss, and she should not make decisions in his house without his permission. He emphasizes that his house is not a party hall. Meanwhile, Raunaq is tied up and pleading with the goon to let him go. He offers the goon an antique statue in exchange for his freedom. Farvari arrives and strikes a deal with the goon, rescuing Raunaq. Malik tells Tara that saving her from Palash and the fire accident does not mean he considers her a friend. He saved her out of humanity and does not expect a thank you.

Arjun intervenes, stating that Malik is going too far. Malik asserts that it is his house and Arjun is not allowed there without his permission. He asks Arjun to leave, and Arjun asks Tara to call him when she is done with her work. Tara questions Malik about his sudden change in behavior and expresses her desire to start fresh with him. Malik complains that she makes decisions without consulting him and reminds her that she told him his work would be completed in 10 days, but 3 days have already passed. He demands that she finish the pending work within a day, and Tara suggests hiring extra workers, to which Malik refuses to pay.

Sardaj tells Ananya that Malik likes her, but she insists that Malik likes Tara. Sardaj suggests that Arjun likes Ananya, and she blushes before leaving. Soni admires Sardaj for manipulating Ananya. Ananya calls Tara to inquire about her relationship with Malik, and Tara denies any romantic involvement. Ananya thanks Tara and wonders what has happened to her and Malik, as his behavior seems unusual. Arjun talks to his mother and she advises him to discuss his wedding plans with Tara, to which he agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap: Malik saves Tara


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