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Pushpa Impossible 6th December 2023 Written Update: Ashwin thrashes Binesh

Pushpa Impossible 6th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Bapodara questioning Susheela about her whereabouts in the middle of the night. Susheela comes up with a reason and tells him that she went to the Mahindra shop to buy Jaljeera. She is worried that if Bapodara finds out about the jewelry, he might create a scene. Susheela adjusts the Bedsheet on Chirag and goes inside.

Pushpa shows the jewelry to Juggal and reveals that Susheela gave it to her. Juggal wonders why she accepted it, knowing that Bapodhara would create a scene if he found out that Susheela gave her the jewelry to save Ashwin. Pushpa explains that she needs Susheela’s help to save Ashwin from imprisonment and is unsure how to return the jewelry to her. Juggal comforts her with kind words.

The next day, Bapodhara meets Mahindra and asks for the jaljeera he gave to Susheela the previous night. Mahindra asks Golu to distract Bapodhara while he calls Susheela. Mahindra discovers that Susheela lied to Bapodhara and met Pushpa. He manages to handle the situation.

Deepti sees the jewelry in the cupboard and questions Pushpa about it. Prathna arrives and recognizes her mother’s jewelry.

Bapodhara suggests that Chirag sell their house to solve Ashwin’s problem, but Susheela scolds him. Chirag leaves the room.

Prathna asks Pushpa if the jewelry belongs to her mother. Pushpa confirms it and explains how Susheela insisted she take it. Prathna believes her mother did the right thing and encourages Pushpa to sell the jewelry to save Ashwin. She promises not to tell anyone. Pushpa thanks her, and both Pushpa and Deepti leave to sell the jewelry.

Ashwin goes to a restaurant and inquires about Binesh, discovering that he was there the previous night. He wonders why Binesh hasn’t been answering his calls. Soon, Binesh arrives, and Ashwin confronts him for causing problems in his life. The hotel staff witnesses their confrontation and calls the police.

Deepti takes Pushpa to Manohar’s jewelry shop, where they explain their situation and mortgage the jewelry. The jeweler gives them money, and as they leave, Pushpa asks Deepti to call Ashwin so they can pay the penalty. However, Deepti learns that Ashwin got into a fight with Binesh at a bar and rushes there in her car. Pushpa notices Deepti’s urgency and follows her.

Ashwin confronts Binesh and tells him that he won’t let him go as he owes him 40 lakhs because of their actions.

The episode ends.

Precap: Pushpa punishes Ashwin by taking away his right to call her “mother.” Ashwin is shocked by Pushpa’s punishment.


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