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Kundali Bhagya 10th December 2023 Written Update: Daljeet advices Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 10th December 2023 Written Update on BtownMagic.com

In this episode, Shaurya becomes jealous when he sees Rajveer and Palki together. He interrupts them by pushing a flower vase to bring them back to reality. Palki leaves, and Rajveer complains to Shaurya about not congratulating him for the roka ceremony. Shaurya tells him that he purposely didn’t congratulate him to seek revenge and walks away.

Meanwhile, in the hospital, Gurpreet tells Mohit that Preeta is feeling lonely despite having family. Mohit assures her that Palki will soon become a part of Preeta’s family. Gurpreet mentions that Preeta is unaware of the truth, which is causing her pain. Preeta arrives and shares her frustration about Srishti not responding to her message about Rajveer and Palki’s roka. She feels helpless and Gurpreet reassures her that everything will be alright. Mohit is asked to fetch a taxi.

Nidhi scolds Daljeet for following her and reminds her that she wanted to talk to her at Gurpreet’s house. Nidhi accuses Daljeet of trying to get Karan’s attention. Daljeet insists that she has no right to interfere in her personal matters and asserts that Shanaya will not become Shaurya’s wife. Daljeet advises her to keep putting on a show in front of Karan to gain his attention and suggests that she discuss this with Rakhi.

Later, Mohit advises Preeta against going to the Luthra house as Rajveer might not like it. He informs her that Rajveer did not attend Shaurya’s roka either, as he went to check on Dadi’s condition and might return soon.

Shaurya confesses to himself that he doesn’t want to marry Shanaya. He confides in Nidhi and expresses his desire to elope. Nidhi warns him against angering Karan and advises him to pretend to be happy to impress him. Shaurya puts on a happy face as he meets everyone at the roka ceremony. Dadi and Mahesh notice his happiness, while Sandy dances and the youngsters join in. Nidhi remembers Daljeet’s advice and pretends to fall down, leading Karan to save her and dance with her.

Karan mistakenly assumes Nidhi is Preeta and dances with her until the applause brings him back to reality. Nidhi leaves the scene, and Aarohi asks her what happened. Nidhi reveals that she has found a way to get closer to Karan and credits Daljeet’s plan. Daljeet overhears their conversation and smiles.

Sandy asks Shaurya about his dance, but Shaurya is lost in his thoughts, mesmerized by Palki. The episode ends here.


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