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Suhaagan 10th December 2023 Written Update: Krishna lashes out at Bindiya

Suhaagan 10th December 2023 Written Update on

The latest episode begins with Payal giving a favorable statement for Bindiya. Baldev believes in Bindiya’s innocence and asks why Payal saved her. Bindiya reveals that she didn’t save her, but instead trapped her. Krishna questions Payal’s decision to save Bindiya, despite everything she has done, including taking her baby away. Payal explains that she lost her own baby, but Bindiya is still her sister. Krishna expresses disbelief, stating that even an enemy shouldn’t have a sister like Bindiya. Payal shares her confusion about why she has been punished in this way. She believes that if she sends Bindiya to jail, she won’t get her baby back. Payal pretends to cough, and Krishna leaves to get her some water. Payal realizes that she won’t fall into the trap of sending Bindiya to jail.

Bindiya confides in Baldev that Payal didn’t send her to jail because she wants to appear saintly in front of everyone. She tarnished Bindiya’s image, framing her for killing her own baby. Bindiya reveals that Payal planned everything to gain sympathy. Pankaj, who is aware of all the details, promises to come with Nidhi to help Bindiya. However, Bindiya worries about the risk to his baby. Pankaj assures her that the truth will come out soon. Meanwhile, Krishna takes Payal home, where Indu notices the baby’s toys and becomes emotional. Payal hugs the toys and pretends to cry, which moves Indu. Indu suggests that Krishna take Payal to his room.

Baldev brings Bindiya back home, but Krishna stops her from entering. Krishna accuses Bindiya of lacking shame, while Indu agrees and asks Bindiya to leave within two minutes. Baldev tries to reason with Krishna, but Krishna is focused on his anger towards Bindiya. He shows Baldev the sonography reports, expressing his grief over losing his baby. Krishna blames Bindiya for the loss. Baldev defends Bindiya, claiming that Payal was not actually pregnant. Indu questions Baldev’s blindness, but Baldev insists that Nidhi is the one who is pregnant, not Payal. Indu speaks to Nidhi, who denies being pregnant and even offers to eat pineapple to prove it. Krishna believes that Bindiya is creating a new drama and warns Krishna not to blindly trust Payal. Payal tells Krishna that there is no need to prove anything. However, Krishna insists on calling Nidhi to clear the confusion. Nidhi confirms that she is not pregnant, and she accuses Payal of lying.

Pankaj becomes angry with Nidhi and accuses her of trying to scare her. Nidhi reveals that she received a parcel earlier that day, which contained a doll with a knife stabbed into its belly. She fears that Payal will harm her baby. Pankaj dismisses her concerns, believing that Payal is trying to manipulate her. Bindiya supports Nidhi but is unable to reach Pankaj. Krishna declares that Bindiya’s game is over, and everyone begins to understand her true intentions. Sakshi tells Vickram that everything is going smoothly and that their plan to create drama is over. However, they start arguing again, realizing that they need to give an heir to the family. Indu insists that Bindiya cannot stay in the house, and Krishna gives Baldev an ultimatum: choose between his son or Bindiya, or he will drink poison and die. Bindiya pleads with him not to do it, while Indu begs him not to make this sacrifice for Bindiya. Baldev firmly states that it is his decision.

The episode ends with Krishna kicking Bindiya out of the house.

Precap: Krishna kicks Bindiya out of the house.


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