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Pandya Store 10th December 2023 Written Update: Dhawal’s decision shock Makwanas

Pandya Store 10th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode begins with Dhawal reminiscing about his past with Natasha. As he remembers their moments together, the song “Pyar Hai Ya Saza” plays in the background. Dhawal feels helpless and starts crying silently, thinking about his promise to divorce Natasha. Amba tells Amresh that he is the pillar of the family and asks him to promise that he will never leave them. Amresh promises to stay by their side. Dhawal approaches them with a bunch of papers, grabbing everyone’s attention. Natasha asks Dhawal if those are the Pandya Store papers that Amresh had returned.

Dhawal clarifies that they are not Pandya Store papers, but papers for their marriage annulment. This revelation shocks the Makwana family. Dhawal hands over the divorce papers to Natasha. Chirag takes the papers from Dhawal and questions his sanity. Dhawal tells Natasha that since she had accused him of bringing bad luck into her life, she should free herself by signing the divorce papers. He informs her that he has already signed them. Hetal slaps Dhawal and questions his decision. Amresh argues with Hetal and silences her. Isha tries to reason with Dhawal, telling him that he is making a wrong decision and urging him to stop.

Amresh states that this matter should be resolved between Natasha and Dhawal, so they should allow them to sort it out. Dolly points out that they already acquired the Pandya Store, and Dhawal was furious with her father just the day before, so how could he change so suddenly. Pranali expresses her disappointment, stating that she used to think Dhawal was different, but he is just like the other Makwanas. Dhawal insists that Natasha feels suffocated in their relationship and continues to provoke her to sign the papers. Natasha grabs Dhawal by his collar and asserts that she will not beg him to save their relationship. She blames herself for trusting him and ultimately signs the divorce papers.

Dhawal feels hurt but accepts everything silently. Isha pleads with Dhawal to reconsider his decision and tries to intervene with Natasha as well. Amresh instructs Amba to go and stop Isha. Amba pulls Isha aside and advises her to stop interfering in a husband and wife’s matter. Natasha completes signing the divorce papers and throws them at Dhawal. Amba scolds her for being disrespectful. Natasha congratulates Dhawal on obtaining his freedom and quickly rushes to her room upstairs, leaving Dhawal heartbroken. In her room, Natasha struggles to retrieve her luggage bag from the top of the cupboard. Dhawal enters the room and helps her retrieve it, throwing it on the bed. He starts packing Natasha’s clothes from the wardrobe. Natasha insists that she can pack her things herself. While closing the suitcase, Dhawal’s hand gets hurt, causing blood to splatter onto Natasha’s forehead. Natasha becomes worried and holds his hand. She notices the blood on her hairline. Dhawal wipes away his tears, and the episode ends with him removing the blood stains from Natasha’s hairline.


Dhawal will kick Natasha out of the Makwana house. He will declare that the trouble in the house is finally gone, and things will return to how they used to be. Amresh will attempt to hug Dhawal, but he stops him, stating that he is perfectly fine and heads to his room.


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